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Corporate management

It is the President & CEO’s task to manage the Group and its businesses with support from the Corporate Executive Team.

President & CEO 

The President & CEO is in charge of the company's line operations and day-to-day administration. The President & CEO is accountable to the Board of Directors for the achievement of the goals, plans, policies and objectives set by the Board of Directors. The President & CEO ensures that the Company's bookkeeping complies with applicable legislation, and that funds are managed in a reliable manner. The President & CEO prepares matters to be decided on by the Board of Directors and implements the Board’s decisions. The President & CEO also serves as the Chair of the Corporate Executive Team. The Board of Directors appoints the President & CEO and (if applicable) the Deputy CEO, and relieves them of their duties. 

Saku Sipola (b. 1968) has been serving as President & CEO of SRV Group Plc since 1 September 2019. 

The main terms and conditions of the written agreement between the company and Saku Sipola, along with his remuneration, are described in the remuneration report for governing bodies, which can be found in the Remuneration section.   

Up-to-date information about the President & CEO’s shareholdings can be found on the page Management’s shareholdings.

Corporate Executive Team 

The Corporate Executive Team assists the President & CEO in operational planning, line management, and decision-making. It also prepares matters to be dealt with by the Company's Board of Directors. The Corporate Executive Team handles matters concerning business operations and operational control and development. The duties of the Group’s Corporate Executive Team are based on the Company’s management system, and the Group’s Corporate Executive Team has no authority grounded in law or the Company’s Articles of Association.

The Corporate Executive Team consists of the President & CEO as the Chair plus other members appointed by the Board of Directors. Each member of the Corporate Executive Team has his or her own area of responsibility. 

The Group’s Corporate Executive Team consists of the following members:

  • Saku Sipola 
  • Miimu Airaksinen 
  • Miia Eloranta 
  • Jouni Forsman 
  • Kimmo Kurki 
  • Jarkko Rantala 
  • Jorma Seppä 
  • Kristiina Sotka 
  • Jussi Tuisku 
  • Anu Tuomola 
  • Hannu Lokka

More information 

More information about the President & CEO and members of the Corporate Executive Team here.

You can find up-to-date information about the Corporate Executive Team’s shareholdings here.

Information about the remuneration received by members of the Corporate Executive Team can be found in the Remuneration section here


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