President and CEO and Corporate Executive Team

President and CEO

Saku Sipola is the President and CEO of the company. The President and CEO is in charge of the company’s operations and day-to-day administration. He is accountable to the Board of Directors for the achievement of the goals, plans, policies and objectives set by the Board of Directors. The President and CEO ensures that the company’s book-keeping complies with the applicable law and that management of funds is handled in a reliable manner. He prepares matters to be decided by the Board and implements the decisions of the Board of Directors. The President and CEO also serves as the Chairman of the Corporate Executive Team. The Board of Directors appoints and dismisses the President and CEO and his possible deputy.

Corporate Executive Team

The Corporate Executive Team consists of the company’s top management. The Corporate Executive Team assists the President and CEO in planning operations and day-to-day management as well as prepares matters to be handled in the Board of Directors. In total, there are 13 members in the Corporate Executive Team.

  • Saku Sipola

    Born in 1968, MSc. (Tech.)
    President and CEO

    Primary working experience
    Sato, President & CEO (2015 – 2019)
    Pohjolan Design-Talo Oy, CEO (2011 – 2015)
    Rautaruukki Oyj, EVP Marketing, Technology and Supply Chain Management (2010-2011)
    Ruukki Construction Oy, Division President (2005-2010)
    YIT Construction Ltd, Business Group Director (2001-2005)
    YIT Group, various roles (1995-2000).

    Positions of trust
    Remeo Oy, Chairman of the Board
    DEN Group Oy, Chairman of the Board
    Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, deputy Chairman of the Board.


  • Timo Nieminen

    Born in 1958, M.Sc. (Tech.)
    Executive Vice President,
    Deputy to CEO,
    SVP, Strategic Project Development

    Primary working experience
    SRV Group, Executive Vice President, Project Development in Finland since 2002
    SRV Viitoset Ltd, Managing Director (1997–2002)
    SRV Viitoset Ltd, Director (1992–1997)
    Kiinteistöviitonen Oy, Managing Director (1991–1992)
    Kiinteistöviitonen Oy, Project Manager (1987–1991)
    Perusyhtymä, Design Manager (1986–1987)

    Positions of trust
    RYM Oy, (2012-2017)

  • Jouni Forsman

    Born in 1969, M.Sc. (eng)
    SVP, Business premises in the Helsinki metropolitan area 

    Primary Working Experience
    SRV Group, SVP Business premises Helsinki metropolitan area since February 2021, YIT Construction ltd in several positions: Housing Finland&CEE: Head of division in Residential Construction (2018-2021), Construction Services Finland: Head of division in Infraservices (2010-2018), International operations: Head of division in Baltic & CEE-countries (2008-2010), Head of Baltic Countries (2006-2007). Residential Construction: Head of Business Unit and Area manager (1999-2006), Construction project manager (1999). YIT Corporation, Construction East Finland: Site manager and Site engineer (1998-1999), YIT Rakennustoimisto Tolonen ltd: Chief Estimator and Estimator (1997-1998) as well as Designer and Foreman in the wooden panel factory (1995-1997). In the Häme University of Applied Sciences: Part-time Lecturer (2011-2015).

    Positions of Trust
    Construction pool at Confederation of Finnish construction industries, Chairman (2019- present)

  • Jorma Seppä

    Born in 1981, B.Eng. ,
    SVP, Housing Helsinki metropolitan area

    Primary Working Experience
    SRV Group, SVP, Housing Helsinki metropolitan area since August 2021, Skanska Talonrakennus Oy District Manager (2015-2021), Skanska Oy Project Development Manager (2013-2015), Manager Skanska Xchange Finland (2010-2012), Head of Technical Development Skanska Xchange Nordic (2010-2011), Project Leader Skanska Kodit (2008-2010), Project Engineer City of Helsinki West Harbour Development Project (2006-2008), Site Supervision and Intern Positions Lujatalo Oy and Oy Alfred A. Palmberg Ab (2002-2006)

    Positions of Trust
    Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries, Southern Finland Region, Member of the Board (2021-2021),
    Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries, Southern Finland Region, Vice Member of the Board (2020)



  • Henri Sulankivi

    Born in 1967, MSc. (Tech.)
    Senior Vice President, Regional Units

    Primary working experience
    SRV Sisä-Suomi, Area Director (2019 – 2020), SRV Pirkanmaa, Area Director (2014-2019)

    Positions of trust
    The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT, Member of the Board in Inner Finland District, The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT, Member of the delegates

  • Jarkko Rantala

    Born in 1986, M.Sc. (Econ.)

    Primary working experience
    SRV Group, SVP, Investments  2019-2020
    SRV Group, Development Director (2018)
    JLL, National Director, Property Development (2018)
    SRV Group, Business Controller and Investment Manager (2015-2017)
    SRV Group, Business Operations in Finland, Controller (2012-2015).


  • Miia Eloranta

    Born in 1973, M.Soc.Sc.  SVP, Communications and Marketing

    Primary Working Experience
    SRV Group, SVP, Communications and Marketing since January 2021, SATO Corporation, EVP Marketing and Communications (2016-2020), ISS Finland, Director of Communications and Marketing (2013-2016), The Bioenergy Association of Finland, Director of Communications (2012-2013), Soprano Group, various lead and consultancy roles in marketing and communications (2003-2012), and the Finnish Fair Corporation, responsibility for the communications and marketing of various fairs (2000-2003).


  • Kristiina Sotka

    Born in 1968, MSc. Economics and MSc. Politics, SVP, Human resources

    Primary Working Experience SRV Group, SVP Human Resources since February 2021, Tibnor VP HR and Communications (2014-2021) and prior to that various HR and HRD roles in Rautaruukki Oyj (2006-2014).

  • Anu Tuomola

    Born in 1974, LL.M., eMBA SVP, General Counsel

    Primary Working Experience
    SRV Group Plc, SVP, General Counsel since August 2021, Purmo Group Ltd, Chief Legal Officer (2019-2021), Citycon Plc, General Counsel (2011-2019), Castrén & Snellman Attorneys Ltd, attorney and partner (2005-2011), Merilampi Attorneys at Law Ltd, attorney (2003-2005) and Nordea Bank Finland Plc (2000-2002).

    Positions of Trust
    DEN Group Ltd, board member (2018- ) Antilooppi Management Ltd and Antilooppi GP Ltd, board member (2020-2021)

  • Jussi Tuisku

    Born in 1967, BA(Hons) , eMBA
    SVP, Operations in Russia and Estonia 

    Primary working experience
    SRV Group, since November 2019, RUUKKI CONSTRUCTION, SVP, Russia (2014-2019), RUUKKI CONSTRUCTION & METALS, Vice President, Managing Director of Subsidiary, Russian operations (2011-2014),  RUUKKI METALS, VP, Russia (2009-2011), Director, YIT Building Systems in Moscow (2007-2009).

    Positions of trust
    SPECTA AG, Member of the Advisory Board (2018-2019).

  • Antti Nummi

    Born in 1971, M.Sc. 
    SVP, Commercial

    Primary working experience
    SVP, Commercial as of September 2021, SVP, Business Development (2020-21), SRV Energy and Life Cycle Services, Director, Business Development and Customer Relations (2019), Renewable Energy Group, Inc., Head of Regional Sales, Nordics (2018-2019), Korkia Consulting, Executive Consultant (2017-2018), Voyage Consulting, Senior Advisor (2013-2017), Neste Shipping, Commercial Director (2012), Neste Netherlands B.V., Business Manager (2008-2010).


  • Miimu Airaksinen

    Born in 1972, D.Sc. (Tech.) 

    SVP, Development (Lifecycle-wise solutions, sustainability and development)

    Primary Working Experience
    SRV Group Plc, SVP, Development since September 2021, RIL Finnish Association of Civil Engineers, CEO and managing director (2017-2021),  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Research Professor and other positions (2006-2017), Optiplan Oy, head of research and development unit (2003-2006).

    Positions of Trust
    Rentto Oy, Member of the Board (2021-)

  • Kimmo Kurki

    Born in 1960, Civil Engineering
    SVP, Internal Services and Infra

    Primary working experience
    various roles in SRV Group since 1998.