Extraordinary General Meeting 2015

Resolutions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of SRV Group Plc

SRV Group Plc's Extraordinary General Meeting was held on June 22 2015. The Extraordinary General Meeting authorised the company's Board of Directors to decide on the issuance of new or own shares held by the company as follows:

Based on the authorisation, the Board of Directors can decide to issue new shares or the company's own shares in one or more installments, up to a total of 27,000,000 shares, which corresponds to approximately 73.4 percent of all the company's shares.

The authorisation can be used to secure the company's financing needs and strengthen the balance sheet structure.

Based on the authorisation, the Board decides on all other conditions of the share issue. Issuance of shares can also take place through a directed share issue, deviating from the shareholder's pre-emptive right.

The authorisation is valid until March 31 2016 and does not revoke the authorisation given to the board by the annual general meeting on March 15 2011.

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