SRV Group Plc to renew its Corporate Executive Team and organisation


SRV Group Plc to renew its Corporate Executive Team and organisation

SRV Group Plc renews its Corporate Executive Team and makes changes in the organisation. The changes will take effect in stages during the latter part of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

”After the challenging times of recent years, SRV is moving to the next stage, which emphasizes strengthening customer focus, improving profitability and finalizing and implementing the new strategy. Renewing of the Corporate Executive Team brings new energy and diverse expertise to the work. I am happy to have new perspective both from the inside and outside of the company. In particular, I would like to welcome Miia Eloranta to the company's communications and marketing as well as Kristiina Sotka to the human resources management to join and build the renewable SRV,” says President and CEO Saku Sipola.

The changes stated below will not affect to the current reporting structure, which consists of Construction and Investments business areas.

SRV Corporate Executive Team after changes

New members of Corporate Executive Team are Henri Sulankivi, Miia Eloranta and Kristiina Sotka.

  • Saku Sipola, President and CEO
  • Timo Nieminen, Executive Vice President, Deputy CEO, Senior Vice President, Strategic project development
  • Jarkko Rantala, CFO
  • Kim Jolkkonen, Senior Vice President, Housing
  • Henri Sulankivi, Senior Vice President, Regional Units
  • Jussi Tuisku, Senior Vice President, Operations in Russia and Estonia
  • Miia Eloranta, Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing
  • Kristiina Sotka, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Johanna Metsä-Tokila, Senior Vice President, General Counsel
  • Antti Nummi, Senior Vice President, Business Development
  • Kimmo Kurki, Senior Vice President, Internal Services and Infrastructure
  • Juha Toimela, Senior Vice President, Business premises (until the Senior Vice President, Business premises in the Helsinki metropolitan area is subsequently appointed to the Corporate Executive Team)

As of 1 January 2021, M.Sc. (Economics) Jarkko Rantala has been appointed Chief Financial Officer. Prior to that, Rantala has acted as Senior Vice President, Investments business unit in SRV. Rantala will be responsible for the company's internal and external reporting and financing. In addition, he is still responsible for the Investments business and and, as an integral part, real estate transactions.

Master of Political Sciences, Miia Eloranta, has been appointed Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing. She will start in her position at a time to be agreed, but no later than 4 January 2021. Eloranta has diverse experience in communications and marketing management. Most recently, she has worked for SATO Group Plc as EVP, Marketing and Communications.

Kristiina Sotka, M.Sc. (Economics), has been appointed Senior Vice President, Human Resources.  She will start in her position on 1 February 2021. Sotka has extensive experience in a wide range of HR roles mainly from Ruukki and Tibnor, from which she joins the company.

At the same time, the organizational structure will be changed so that as of today, the regional units (Inner Finland, Southwest Finland and Northern Finland) will form their own business area, of which Henri Sulankivi has been appointed Senior Vice President, Regional Units and a member of SRV Corporate Executive Team. Prior to that Sulankivi has been responsible for SRV's Inner Finland unit.

Simultaneously, as of today the infrastructure business will start reporting to Kimmo Kurki, responsible for SRV's Internal Services.

Timo Nieminen, Kim Jolkkonen, Jussi Tuisku, Johanna Metsä-Tokila and Antti Nummi will continue on the Corporate Executive Team in their previous positions.

Juha Toimela has resigned from SRV to transfer to another employer. Toimela will continue to work for the company as Senior Vice President responsible for business premises in the Helsinki metropolitan area until he joins the new employer at a separately agreed time during the beginning of 2021. SRV has started  search for a Senior Vice President, Business premises in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The company's current CFO Ilkka Pitkänen will continue in his position until 31 December 2020, after which he will act as a management advisor and report to the President and CEO until he resigns from the company on 30 June 2021. Former Senior Vice President, Communications and Marketing, Maija Karhusaari, will leave the company on 4 January 2021.

”I would like to thank Ilkka Pitkänen and Maija Karhusaari for their work for the company and wish them success in future endeavours. I would also like to thank Juha Toimela for his long career for the benefit of the company.”

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