Wooden quarter Wood City is being completed with a lifecycle-wise office building – the foundation stone of the WithSecure headquarters was laid today in Jätkäsaari


Wooden quarter Wood City is being completed with a lifecycle-wise office building – the foundation stone of the WithSecure headquarters was laid today in Jätkäsaari

The foundation stone of the last building of the Wood City, wooden quarter developed by SRV, was laid today in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. The building will house the headquarters of the leading Finnish cyber security company WithSecure. The building is one of the first projects in Finland to comply with the new EU taxonomy. The project aims to have a positive environmental impact, i.e. a large carbon footprint. The new premises will be put into use during 2024.

The construction of WithSecure's headquarters started in the summer 2022. The excavation work on the construction site has been completed and currently the site is working on the concrete structures of the basement. About 60 employees are currently working at the site. At most, the site strength will be around 120 employees.

This new office building will be the last property to be constructed on the site; it will have a total floor area of about 8,700 square metres with seven floors and a basement. The first floor, basement and elevator/stairwell shafts of the office building will be made of concrete, and floors 2-7 will be made of wood. Wood is impressively utilized in various forms as surface materials for exterior walls, wooden frames, flat roof and facade cladding. Laminated beam is used as the material in the load-bearing columns of the wooden frame. The load-bearing intermediate floor is implemented with CLT slab solutions. Also the sculptural lobby roof is upholstered with spruce CLT lamella structures.

“Wood City is a true example of wood construction and office building skills, combining design and sustainable development. We are creating a lifecycle-wise city by building from renewable material that binds carbon dioxide and making the premises first-class energy efficient. We are creating a modern and flexible working environment for WithSecure, which takes into account the environment and the well-being of employees,” says Saku Kosonen, unit director of SRV’s business premises in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

One of the first EU taxonomy-aligned construction projects in Finland

Wood City's last building under construction is one of the first EU taxonomy- aligned projects in Finland. EU taxonomy reporting came into effect earlier this year – it aims to steer companies towards engaging in sustainable operations. In the construction industry, the EU taxonomy values aspects such as the energy efficiency of buildings, the use of renewable materials, good indoor climate, adaptability and preparedness for future climate changes. The new office building in Wood City will be implemented in line with the taxonomy.

The project aims to minimise the emissions of energy and materials. The international LEED Platinum environmental certificate is being sought for the building upon completion, and the building's energy class is A. More than 300 square meters of solar panels will be built on the roof of the office building. The project seeks to achieve a positive environmental impact – that is, a large carbon handprint. It primarily uses renewable low-carbon construction materials that also bind carbon dioxide during the lifecycle of the building. SRV’s sites became net-zero emission sites as from the beginning of 2022 – the small carbon footprint created during construction, such as foundation works, is offset by planting trees to serve as a carbon sink for the equivalent amount of emissions.

Work environment designed for the user's needs

The design of the building has been carried out in close collaboration with WithSecure, to accommodate their needs. The goal is to create a work environment that is appropriate to the company’s culture and operations and provides facilities where employees will enjoy working in the future.

“For us, Wood City is more than just an office project or a concept for a future working environment. It brings together our company's mission, culture and work life in a tangible way and helps us to evolve. We will preserve the past and create the future at the same time. That’s why we are happy that our friends from F-Secure will also move in with us,” says Juhani Hintikka, President and CEO of WithSecure.

Wood City is a wooden city quarter that is jointly developed by SRV and Stora Enso and consists of two offices and two residential apartment buildings. SRV is responsible for the construction of Wood City located in a prime location in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. Wood City was designed by Anttinen Oiva, Architects, the winner of the architectural competition for the project with its proposal titled Stories.

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Saku Kosonen, Unit director, Business Premises, Helsinki metropolitan area, SRV, tel. +358 (0)40 549 1221,
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Inari Anttila, Communications & PR Manager, WithSecure, tel. +358 (0)43 824 0090,

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