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SRV will implement a multipurpose building as a lifecycle project in Suutarila, Helsinki – focusing on ecology, sustainability and recycling

SRV GROUP PLC     INVESTOR NEWS           14 MAY 2024   14.15  EEST

SRV will implement a multipurpose building as a lifecycle project in Suutarila, Helsinki – focusing on ecology, sustainability and recycling

SRV and the City of Helsinki have signed an agreement to implement a multipurpose building under a lifecycle model in Suutarila, Helsinki. The total value of the agreement for SRV, including lifecycle services, is approximately EUR 56 million.The order for the construction is recognised in the order backlog in May. The project will be carried out in a lifecycle-wise manner, with a significant focus on sustainable construction through, for example, the reuse of materials, the selection of low-carbon materials and renewable energy solutions.

This multipurpose building in Suutarila, Helsinki will have premises for 900 children. It will feature a primary school, daycare centre, youth facilities and library. The new building will replace the current multipurpose building. The project also includes the demolition of this old multipurpose building. The total area of the new building will be approximately 11,000 square metres (gross).

Project planning will start immediately and construction will commence with demolition work at the beginning of 2025. The Suutarila multipurpose building will be completed in early 2027, and the new facilities will open to students in the 2027 autumn semester.

“We are pleased to start the implementation of the new school building with the City of Helsinki by utilising a lifecycle approach. The lifecycle model enables the City of Helsinki to provide services and high-quality teaching to city residents when the construction and maintenance of the property is carried out by a single operator. Ecology, sustainability and recycling are important values that will be emphasised in the construction of the Suutarila multipurpose building. This building supports the goals of the City of Helsinki and SRV for a carbon-neutral future,” says Jani Kuivamäki, who heads up lifecycle projects at SRV.

“The design and implementation of Suutarila's new multi-purpose building are guided by the life cycle goals set for the project, which aim for energy-efficient, life-cycle-sustainable, nature-friendly and resource-wise construction. In the project, with the solutions brought by SRV, it is possible to take into account the perspective of sustainable development, for example by reusing materials from the demolished building", says Ari Hulkkonen, project director of the City of Helsinki.

“"SRV's solution has taken city-specific goals well into account; freely dividing the large building mass into parts with different functions adapts the building to the small-scale living milieu of the surrounding environment. The building forms pleasant and location-appropriate outdoor spaces for a kindergarten, school, library and youth facilities. The daycare yard was wanted in the most sheltered part of the plot, on the other hand, the youth facilities and the library fit well on the Suutarilantie side due to their public nature. The placement of the different functions of the building in different parts of the building creates smooth interior spaces, where optimal conditions have been created for the activities of the building's users. The interior of the building is easy to navigate, so cooperation between different user groups becomes easier. The central lobby spaces with the study stairs and dining areas connect the different wings of the building. During parties, you can also watch the performances on the stage from the lobby and stairs," Hulkkonen continues.

The Helsinki City Council approved the project plan for the new building that will replace the existing Suutarila multipurpose building on 28 February 2024. The technical director of the Urban Environment Division of the City of Helsinki approved the procurement plan for the Suutarila multipurpose building and selected SRV to implement the lifecycle project, that is, as the service provider, on 7 March 2024.

Sustainable and responsible solutions in the lifecycle project

The project has a strong focus on sustainable development. The selection of materials will favour low-carbon construction materials. Materials from the demolished building will be reused. For example, metal canopies will be repurposed for use in playgrounds and study spaces in the yard. Green structures supporting biodiversity will be built in the schoolyards.

The carbon footprint of the building will be 30 per cent lower than average. Property design has decided on renewable energy generation with heat pumps and solar panels. Fifty per cent of the property and lighting electricity requirements will be generated by solar energy. An air and water heat pump will produce 75 per cent of the property heating energy. A four-star emission classification from Rakennustieto will be sought for the building.

The building will be implemented as a lifecycle project, in which SRV is responsible for the design and implementation of the property, and its maintenance and servicing for 20 years after completion. SRV has implemented numerous public-sector projects with this lifecycle model. A new shared campus project has just started in Kirkkonummi, and the construction will be completed in 2027. The Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Languages was completed as a lifecycle project in Myllypuro in the summer of last year, the educational campus of Siuntio in 2022 and the Jokirinne Learning Centre in Kirkkonummi in 2020. The construction of Wintteri, a multipurpose building implemented as a lifecycle project, is currently under way in Uusikaupunki.

This multipurpose building will serve as a common meeting venue for the area

The building has been designed as a complex of blocks dimensioned for their users. Different characteristic colours and façade materials will express their intended uses and create an identity for each of their user groups. The multipurpose building will feature safe and inspiring yard areas. These different areas with their equipment will invite people to play, move, explore and hang out. As a whole, the design solution provides good opportunities for the multipurpose building to become a regional centre that people will visit for recreation, hobbies, learning and meeting each other.

The facilities have been designed together with the school staff, and further planning will also involve the staff and students.

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