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SRV to build an underground swimming pool and spa at Ideapark Lempäälä – due for completion in summer 2024


SRV to build an underground swimming pool and spa at Ideapark Lempäälä – due for completion in summer 2024

Kiinteistö Oy Lempäälän Uimahalli, a real estate company owned by the municipality of Lempäälä and Kiinteistö Oy Ideapark, has selected SRV to execute the Lempäälä swimming pool and spa construction project. The project will be carried out in the form of a cooperative project management contract, with SRV’s share of the project valued at approximately EUR 13 million. Preparations for construction will begin immediately. The project will be recognised in SRV’s order backlog in January.

The project involves constructing a swimming pool and spa in a cavern structure beneath the Ideapark shopping centre in Marjamäki, Lempäälä. The project encompasses approximately 5,800 m2 of gross floor area. Construction work will begin in March 2023 and is due for completion in July 2024.

“This is a unique project from a builder’s perspective. Underground construction poses a distinct set of challenges for the project in terms of the construction conditions and safety, for example. When the swimming pool and spa complex is completed, it will serve visitors of all ages at one of Finland’s largest shopping centres,” says Henri Sulankivi, Senior Vice President, Regional Units at SRV.

The swimming pool and spa project is a cooperative project between the public and private sectors. The swimming pool is expected to attract 200,000–250,000 visitors annually. The entrance to the new swimming pool will be located at the north end of the shopping centre. The main pool will be 25 metres long with six lanes. There will also be a multipurpose pool, paddling pool, separate pools for aqua jogging and swimming lessons, a jacuzzi and massage pool, a cold pool and saunas. A water slide will also be built. A café and lobby area will be built next to the ticket desk.

The construction solutions will aim for the lowest possible energy consumption. When the swimming pool is completed, it will be connected to the LEMENE energy system’s district heating network, run by Lempäälän Energia Oy, part of the Lempäälä municipal group. LEMENE produces energy using solar panels, gas generators and fuel cells.

The swimming pool will also be designed to offer the option of connecting to the LEMENE energy community if the legislation allows for energy communities in the future. If possible, heat flows in the energy system will also be utilised during construction.

“Lempäälä’s residents have been asking for a swimming pool for decades, so we are glad to finally begin building one. The swimming pool and spa complex is designed to offer unique experiences, relaxation for the whole family, and facilities to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts. The site will also serve visitors from other parts of Finland,” says Jocka Träskbäck, Chairman of the Board of the swimming pool company.

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Henri Sulankivi, Senior Vice President, Regional Units, SRV, tel. +358 (0)40 820 7228,

Riikka Leinonen, Communications Specialist, SRV, tel. +358 (0)40 182 1631,

Jocka Träskbäck, Chairman of the Board, KOy Lempäälän Uimahalli, tel. +358 (0)500 660 869,

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