SRV launches construction of a multipurpose building in Inkeroinen, Kouvola – the modern wooden school will be completed in summer 2025

SRV GROUP PLC     INVESTOR NEWS           21 JUNE 2023  15:30 EEST 

SRV launches construction of a multipurpose building in Inkeroinen, Kouvola – the modern wooden school will be completed in summer 2025 

SRV and the City of Kouvola have signed an agreement for the implementation phase of a multipurpose building in Inkeroinen. This wooden multipurpose building will include school and early education facilities for almost 700 children. The project will be implemented as a cooperative turnkey contract in active cooperation with the developer and future users. The total cost of this project is about EUR 30 million. 

SRV was selected as the project developer and implementer in October 2022. During the development phase, which ran until June, SRV and the client carefully analysed a variety of solutions that both meet the project’s qualitative and financial targets and best take the building’s future operational and usage needs into account. Kouvola City Council approved the launch of the construction phase and the revised cost estimate for the multipurpose building in May. Now that the implementation phase agreement has been signed, the project will be entered into SRV’s order backlog for June 2023. 

“A cooperative format is ideal for projects such as the multipurpose building in Inkeroinen, which will serve several different user groups. This form of contract makes it possible to carry out the project flexibly while listening to the client. During the development phase, we have worked closely with the developer and users in various workshops, and have arrived at the chosen solution together. Cooperation will continue throughout the project to ensure that it succeeds in terms of safety, functionality and economy,” says  Kimmo Hyry, Unit Director at SRV.

Construction work will begin in June 2023 and is scheduled for completion in summer 2025. Yard work will be completed by the end of July 2025. The new multipurpose building will be opened in August 2025. 

School building will be primarily made of wood 

The new multipurpose building in Inkeroinen will consist of the school building already on the plot and a new building that will be smoothly connected to it. The facades will be primarily made of wood. The project is aiming for a three-star RTS rating under the RTS environmental classification system. Arkkitehdit AFKS Oy is responsible for the architectural design of the school. 

The combined area of the new and existing buildings will be about 7,900 gross square metres.  The multipurpose building will have premises for grades 1 to 9 as well as facilities for preschool and early education. The building will also house a local centre of expertise for special support, including small group facilities, a library, youth services and a distribution kitchen. The multipurpose building will also provide a wide range of services to the residents of the municipality, including premises for associations, clubs, the adult education centre, music school and art school.

“This project is an essential part of the development of Kouvola’s basic education and early childhood education network, in which school, daycare and municipal services are all brought together under one roof.  We expect that this project will provide Inkeroinen with a high-quality, effective multipurpose building that will beautify the street and meet future needs,” says Pia Rajala, Head of Development at the City of Kouvola.


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