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Construction of the Wintteri education and well-being centre begins in Uusikaupunki


Construction of the Wintteri education and well-being centre begins in Uusikaupunki

SRV and the City of Uusikaupunki have signed an agreement to start up the implementation phase of the new Wintteri education and well-being centre. The project will be implemented under a lifecycle model in which SRV commits to building the property and taking care of its maintenance and upkeep for the next 20 years. The value of the contract is EUR 59.7 million and the value of the life cycle services period is EUR 28.2 million. Construction begins in January 2022 with demolition and earthworks, and the project will be completed by February 2025. Now that the implementation phase agreement has been signed, the project will be entered into SRV’s order backlog for January.

Wintteri will be a multipurpose building serving as an attractive milieu for varied interactions and the promotion of expertise and active lifestyles. The building complex will feature daycare for small children, primary education, secondary education, basic art education, liberal adult education and facilities for different kinds of sports. The premises will also be used by associations, clubs and private actors. Some of the facilities will be in communal use. The main lobby spaces, the premises surrounding the lobby, the restaurant area, auditorium stairs, digital library, educational institution premises and so on will comprise an urban workshop – a place open to all residents of the city where they can meet each other and engage in hobbies and activities. In addition, a new swimming pool and large indoor sports hall will be built on the property for the people of the city. The total area of the project will be approximately 22,500 square metres (gross).

“Extensive design work was carried out in the Uusikaupunki educational and well-being centre project during the development phase – we’re now very excited to start the actual construction work. Cooperation between the city and design team has been excellent. We firmly believe that once this building is completed, it will provide substantial added value to the city. The lifecycle model ensures that the education and well-being centre will remain in optimal condition for a long time to come, as a single company is responsible for both its construction and maintenance,” says Lari Mallius, Regional Director, Southwest Finland, who is heading up the project at SRV.

Project focuses on lifecycle-wise solutions

Particular attention will be paid to energy efficiency, as Wintteri will be implemented in line with energy class A. Ensuring the energy-efficiency of the swimming hall is particularly a priority, as it plays a major role in terms of energy consumption. The heating and cooling energy of the project will be implemented with renewable, geothermal energy, which will enable the building to have a small carbon footprint during operation. In addition, part of the electricity for the property will be generated by solar panels. Great attention will be paid to indoor air quality and control throughout its life cycle.

“It’s inspiring to embark on a new phase in user collaboration with the contractor and service provider. Our collaboration with SRV and the architects has been excellent. By listening to the best experts in this project – that is, the end users – we’ll get a state-of-the-art multipurpose building that serves the needs of the city,” says Project Manager Marko Kivistö, who is responsible for the project at the City of Uusikaupunki.

The project was delayed from its original schedule due to legal complaints. The Supreme Administrative Court finally rejected the applications for leave to appeal that complainants had filed concerning the Wintteri city plan and the March 2021 ruling of the Turku Administrative Court. During the development phase and  delays, work was carried out with the users on the design and planning of the interior premises and operations, the implementation of energy solutions and the design of technical building solutions. Preparatory work on the construction site was started up at the same time.

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