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Construction begins on a new ward building at Jorvi Hospital in Espoo

SRV GROUP PLC     INVESTOR NEWS      3 JANUARY 2023    15:00 EET  

Construction begins on a new ward building at Jorvi Hospital in Espoo

SRV and HUS Real Estate have signed an implementation phase agreement in the end of 2022 to construct a new ward building at Jorvi Hospital in Espoo as an alliance project. The client is the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District. SRV’s portion, including the development phase that began in spring 2022, totals approximately EUR 200 million.

SRV was chosen to develop and build the project in March 2022. During the development phase that continued until December, together with the client, the best solutions were carefully sought to meet the qualitative and financial goals of the project. Now that the implementation phase agreement has been signed, the project will be entered into SRV’s order backlog for December 2022.

The construction for the new ward building at Jorvi Hospital began with preparatory works in summer 2022. The ward is expected to be commissioned in 2026. The total gross floor area of the new ward building will be approximately 50,000 square metres.

The new ward building at Jorvi Hospital will have five floors and a basement. Among other functions, it will contain the new main lobby, inpatient wards for adults and children, the paediatric outpatient clinic, a maternity ward, medical imaging facilities, and support functions for the hospital campus.

The new ward building will be constructed around the customer’s wishes

The goal of the new ward construction project at Jorvi Hospital is to build integrated, modern premises that support hospital activities. The new building must be suitable for providing the specialist medical care referred to in the HUS strategy. Well-designed premises and functions will ensure safe, high-quality, patient-oriented care. The building is designed to be an attractive and motivating working environment for employees. It will be a safe working environment designed for operational efficiency, and it will support cooperation with stakeholders. The patient experience is a focus of various phases of the project’s design and engineering, such as the modelling work.

“Design and engineering work during the development phase of the premises was carried out in effective cooperation with SRV under the BigRoom operating model in shared premises on the Jorvi campus. Communication, dialogue, problem-solving, design and engineering can succeed with all the experts on-site. Representatives of the future users of the premises are also involved, providing their insights and ideas for the designs. Decision-making and the associated preparatory steps go smoothly with representatives of HUS closely involved,” says Tuija Ylä-Rautio, an architect from HUS Facilities Center.

“We look forward to implementing this project in cooperation with various parties. We think it is important to work in cooperation with various parties and develop solutions for the good of the project – this is how excellent projects are executed. We are making use of our experience in implementing special facilities for demanding medical care. Our past work includes Central Finland Central Hospital Nova, TAYS Front Yard in Tampere, and the Bridge Hospital, which we built for HUS in Helsinki. The operating theatres at Jorvi Hospital have now reached the interior works phase, and the Laakso Joint Hospital development phase has proceeded as planned,” says Ossi Inkilä, Unit Director at SRV.

The project involves constructing flexible and multipurpose spaces to ensure the efficient use of the building. The facilities are also being designed to realise the benefits of placing different functions close together to improve patient safety and facilitate cooperation between different parties. The inpatient wards are being designed in larger ward units to enable the flexible use of hospital beds between different specialisations. In line with modern hospital design policies, the inpatient wards will mostly consist of single-person patient rooms.

The project takes a low-carbon approach in accordance with the HUS environmental programme

The design and engineering solutions are driven by energy efficiency. The project planning phase involved surveys of the hospital systems that consume energy and the possibilities of recycling waste heat and enhancing heat recovery. The design will pay special attention to the energy efficiency of the chosen equipment. Such equipment includes efficient heat recovery and fan motors in ventilation machines and the energy efficiency of electric motors in other systems. Efforts will be made to measure energy consumption adequately in each usage application to enable more accurate monitoring of energy usage.

LED light fittings will be used along with presence sensors and constant light controllers. Energy-efficient and low-loss electronic ballasts will be used in the light fittings. A solar power system will be installed in the new ward building.

Mainly a heat pump solution will be used to produce heating and cooling energy. Heat pumps and water-cooling machines will supply cooling energy to the premises and equipment requiring constant cooling. “As such, free cooling can be utilised in the cold seasons. The condensate heat from machines will be used for purposes such as heating the floors of washrooms, preheating hot domestic water, and keeping the yard areas free of snow and ice. Premises that are not in constant use, such as certain offices, will have ventilation designed according to necessity,” says Tomi Virolainen, Project Manager from HUS Real Estate, describing the energy-saving solutions in the building.

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