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SRV operates as a partner in property and construction projects and is the leading project management contractor in Finland. The company develops and constructs commercial and office premises, housing, industrial, logistics and infra structure construction sites as well as business and housing areas in Finland.

Investor pages are intended to offer information on SRV as an investment and to support the correct valuation of the company’s share.



The webcast intended for analysts, fund managers and investors as well as media representatives was held on 27 October 2022 at 11:00 a.m. The event is hosted by CEO Saku Sipola and CFO Jarkko Rantala.

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Interim report Q3/2022

Interim report Q3/2022

Interim report january-september 2022: Positive development in operative operating profit

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SRV Group Plc’s financial information in 2022

  • 3.2.

    Financial Statement Release 2022 will be published.

  • 2.3.

    Annual Report 2021 (including the Financial Statements and the Report of the Board of Directors) will be published.

  • 28.4.

    Interim Report for January-March 2022 will be published.

  • 21.7.

    Half-year Financial Report for January-June 2022 will be published.

  • 27.10.

    Interim Report for January-September 2022 will be published.



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