A dream home close to the sea
Wood City – urban wooden quarter
Annual report 2015
Pressi Smart Premises
Housing company type
Room count
3 rooms
Over 3 rooms
Total price €
Living area m2

What is SRV

SRV provides the best frameworks for people to live and businesses to operate. As a developer and builder of residential and business environments we boldly generate new innovations.

We offer refined concepts and create new solutions in response to our customers' needs. Our operating model is based on innovative project development and effective project management. The customer-oriented SRV Approach ensures that all project parties cooperate transparently to achieve the best results. 

Founded in 1987, SRV Group Plc is a publicly listed company.  We have a revenue of approximately EUR 700 million and employ a thousand people. In addition to our operations in Finland, SRV is active in St. Petersburg and Moscow, as well as in Estonia.