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Background info about project

The Deck and Arena project connects the eastern and western sides of Tampere, and forms a new hybrid city district, combining housing, work and leisure. The second casino in Finland is also in connection with the Arena.

The new sport, culture, leisure and business center, developed and constructed by SRV, will combine citizens and tourists with unique experiences and encounters in the future. After completion, the complex offers about 1,000 homes, some 285 hotel rooms and numerous significant sports and cultural events.

Frequently asked questions


    The implementation of the SRV-developed the Deck and Arena project, next to the main railway station in Tampere city centre, has been confirmed and constuction work are ongoing.


    Preparatory work and test pilings in the yard started at the end of 2017, and during 2018 the pace of construction on the site is accelerating. The progress of construction work is announced weekly with a weekly release (in Finnish). Follow the constuction site’s proceeding on livestream camera.


    The project’s timetable has been revised during planning. The first phase – the South Deck, multi-purpose arena and two towers – is scheduled for completion in 2022,. According to the current timetable plan, the whole project will be completed in 2024.


    The project’s total value has been revised during planning. The project’s total value has been revised to approximately EUR 550 million, of which the phase 1 investment agreement accounts for approximately EUR 340 million.


    The Deck and Arena project will create a brand-new neighbourhood in central Tampere: a new way of living, working and having fun. The new neighbourhood will be home to over 1, 000 apartments and Finland’s largest sports and event arena, along with the adjoining casino, hotel, restaurants, and other entertainment spots.


    The City of Tampere will invest a maximum of EUR 60 million in the project. The City will invest in the multi-purpose arena’s property company and lend a maximum of EUR 26 million to the said property company. The City will also spend EUR 22.7 million to prepare the arena’s plot for construction and EUR 11.3 million on infrastructure for the new neighbourhood.


SRV is the main contractor and will design, develop, construct, and implement the project. SRV will likewise be one of the partners in the Arena Consortium, along with the City of Tampere and other investment partners.

The City of Tampere is enabling the project by refining soil, providing plots, leasing land, and joining the Arena Consortium.

Ramboll is responsible for the project’s structural, foundation and technical building system design, and also for the design of the multi-purpose arena in collaboration with Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy.

Aihio Arkkitehdit Oy is responsible for the project’s architectural and cityscape design, and will be the project’s lead designer.

Starsquad is responsible for developing the multi-purpose arena, including its operational and commercial concept design, partner negotiations, and user marketing. The company will also help to manage the arena, organise use and maintenance, and provide assistance during the opening process.

Brunswick Real Estate Oy will provide advice on funding and investor acquisition, and is responsible for investor and funding solutions.

Studio Libeskind is responsible for the design of the area and cityscape. Libeskind is also involved in the project as a consultant. The project is being developed on the basis of Libeskind’s original plans.

The Arena Consortium consists of the City of Tampere, and the project’s investors SRV, LocalTapiola Group and OP Financial Group. Consortium will organise the implementation and management of the multi-purpose arena.




  • 12 January 2018

    Implementation of SRV-developed the  Deck and Arena project in Tampere confirmed.

  • 3 October 2017

    Arena shareholders’ agreement signed and financiers announced.

    Ice hockey teams Tappara and Ilves reach agreement with the Deck and Arena project, Lapland Hotels assumes lead responsibility for hotel, and Restamax for restaurant services.

  • 1 August 2017

    The EU Commission gave its approval for state subsidy.

  • 30 June 2017

    The Supreme Administrative Court dismissed appeals lodged against the project in early 2017.

  • 11 May 2017

    SRV has agreed on the content of the shareholders’ agreement for the multi-purpose arena with its investment partners, LocalTapiola Group and OP Financial Group’s insurance and pension insurance companies, and the City of Tampere. The current shareholders’ agreement is conditional. It requires both final approval from all parties and fulfilment of the agreement’s implementation criteria, such as the non-appealability of the City’s earlier decisions on the project, the EU Commission’s approval for state subsidy, and guaranteed financing. A final decision on the investment is expected sometime during 2017.

  • 20 February 2017

    The Finnish Transport Agency, the City of Tampere and SRV sign an agreement on the design and construction of the deck and its underlying structures and road changes. The purpose of the agreement is to confirm the operating conditions and safety of rail traffic during construction. The Deck and Areena project is two-stage: the south side of Sori Bridge and the North Side of the Sori Bridge. The agreement allows the construction work start immediately after signing the contract. The north side of the bridge can be implemented on the basis of a signed agreement on the basis of the contract annexes to this contract.

  • 4 January 2017

    The decision of the Hämeenlinna Administrative Court is appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court. The appeal seeks the annulment of the procurement decision made by the City of Tampere to the decision of the Administrative Court of Hämeenlinna in November 2016. The decision of the Supreme Administrative Court is expected to be completed in the summer of 2017, but there is no certainty as to the deadlines for handling the SAC.

  • 20 December 2016

    The city council of the city of Tampere approves the derogation requested by SRV. According to a derogation permit, the roof and the arena may be constructed of higher towers than previously planned, as well as more housing and commercial space. The derogation permit does not increase the building right of the entity. Permission allows for the construction of approximately 850-870 apartments. Increasing the number of apartments is possible by reducing the number of office space. More commercial space is also planned in two buildings.

  • 16 November 2016

    The Hämeenlinna Administrative Court rejects the five complaints made on the project. The Administrative Court considers that the decisions of the City Council fall within the competence of the Market Court and can not be appealed against by the City Act.

  • 24 June 2016

    Five complaints were submitted to the Hämeenlinna Administrative Court about the project. Complaints seek to rectify the decision of the Tampere Council, where the city decided to join the project.

  • 1 June 2016

    The City of Tampere and SRV signed the implementation agreement for the Central Deck and Arena project.

  • 16 May 2016

    Tampere City Council approved SRV as the contractor for the  Deck and Arena project, and decided to invest a maximum of EUR 26 million in the company that owns the arena in order to obtain equal income for the investment. The project was publicly announced, but negotiations were held behind closed doors to protect trade secrets.

  • 15 February 2016

    Tampere City Board decided to continue negotiations with SRV.

  • 11 January 2016

    SRV and the competing consortium submitted tenders for the project.

  • 8 December 2015

    Representatives of the City of Tampere and the Finnish Transport Agency signed the project agreement.

  • 23 November 2015

    Tampere City Board approved an agreement with the Finnish Transport Agency on the terms and conditions for the design, construction and use of the Deck covered by the project.

  • 24 August 2015

    Both the consortium formed by SRV and a competing consortium submitted applications to participate in the Deck and Arena project.