New, mostly wooden multipurpose building to be constructed in Lappeenranta – construction planning phase for the Sammontalo Building due to begin in spring 2023


New, mostly wooden multipurpose building to be constructed in Lappeenranta – construction planning phase for the Sammontalo Building due to begin in spring 2023

SRV and the City of Lappeenranta have signed an agreement to implement a new multipurpose building in Sammonlahti, known as the Sammontalo Building. The project will be carried out under a cooperative project management contract, with SRV’s contract valued at approximately EUR 41.6 million.

The construction planning phase will begin in spring 2023. Now that the implementation phase agreement has been signed, the project will be entered into SRV’s order backlog for January 2023. SRV will take a lifecycle-wise approach to the construction of Sammontalo, reflected in the materials, energy solutions, and solutions to support biodiversity.

The Sammontalo Building in the Sammonlahti district of Lappeenranta will feature premises for primary education (grades one to nine), early education, preschool and preparatory teaching, a library, youth activities, student welfare and sports services. The multipurpose building will be completed in 2025.

The project began with a development phase in November 2021. The implementation phase was originally expected to begin in May/June 2022, but the economic climate and need for design changes prolonged the development phase.

“The development phase has proceeded in a strong spirit of cooperation, and we have listened attentively to the wishes of the client and tenant. Together, we have identified the optimal solutions to realise a lifecycle-wise building. SRV has robust expertise in wood construction, which we are happy to bring to the Sammontalo project. We are currently working on a demanding wooden building project in Kotka, known as Satama Areena. Our other wood construction projects include the Finnish-Russian School and Finland’s largest wooden office building, completed in the Wood City block in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki,” says Harri Martin, SRV’s Project Manager for the site.

“We are transitioning to the implementation phase in high spirits. This is the first project under the project management contract model for the City of Lappeenranta. So far, this form of contract has worked well. The development phase was longer than originally planned, providing the flexibility to alter the designs as the general price level rose in 2022. We are happy to say that we will be able to construct the building in line with the original project plan without compromising on quality,” says Pekka Talonpoika, Property Development Manager at Lappeenrannan Toimitilat Oy.

Lifecycle-wise materials, energy solutions and biodiversity

Sammontalo will embody a lifecycle-wise mindset. The building will be constructed mostly of wood, and the project will take into account the carbon dioxide emissions throughout the lifecycle, including emissions due to the energy solutions. As a result, the building will achieve an energy efficiency class 20 per cent better than the minimum threshold for class A. The building will be cooled using entirely renewable energy from an air/water heat pump. Sammontalo also includes provisions for installing solar panels dimensioned for a solar power capacity peaking at 100 kilowatts. The building will also provide hundreds of bicycle spaces to encourage users to reduce their travel emissions.

The consideration of biodiversity on the plot is a further significant aspect of the lifecycle-wise approach. The plot will contain a stormwater detention site, and various plants and trees will be planted in the surrounding meadow area. At the same time, efforts will be made to preserve the existing trees. The plot already contains an arboretum and an area that must be preserved in its natural state.

The two-storey Sammontalo school building will contain premises for 126 children in daycare, 63 pupils in preschool, 640 pupils in primary education, and a library. The project will also include a sports hall measuring around 1,600 square metres. The total area of the building will be approximately 12,000 square metres (gross).

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