Tikkurilan Ensimmäinen is moving-ready

The vibrant centre of Tikkurila is developing quickly as new buildings are built in the place of the demolished block at the most central location of Tikkurila, opposite the Vantaa City Hall and next to the church.
Housing Company Tikkurilan Ensimmäinen offers unique comfort of living for all needs. Thanks to the stunning location and excellent access routes, you can reach the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the entirety of Uusimaa quickly and easily. And if you want a complete change of scenery, you can get to the airport in 15 minutes. In Tikkurila, you can find a wide variety of opportunities for sports and outdoor recreation as well as a comprehensive selection of cultural services. The train station, schools, health services and the shopping centre Dixi are located right next door: Here you are truly at the centre of everything.

Asematie street, which turns into a pedestrian street, is on the north side of the new building, and on the south side there is a verdant, sheltered inner courtyard. The building is a part of a large set of blocks with a green roof; the strong design gives it a unique appearance. The main material of the façade is brick laid on site, with light-coloured brick on the outer shell and warm reddish brown on the side facing the inner courtyard. The masonry details in the façade create a lively structure on the surfaces and link the architecture to the old building stock in the centre of Tikkurila.

The building is a part of a large set of blocks with a green roof; the strong design gives it a unique appearance. Attention has been paid to the ease of furnishing the apartments. In addition to compact studio flats, the cooperative has one-room flats with living rooms that feature entrances on two sides as well as two-room flats with living rooms that extend through the entire building. The balconies open in favourable directions. The commercial services of Tikkurila can be found in nearby blocks, and you can reach the station on foot in a few minutes. The parking spaces reserved for the cooperative are located in the car park under the yard deck; it can be reached directly from the stairwell.

The Tikkurila centre block is a joint project by SRV Construction Ltd and NREP.

  • Address
    Unikkotie 5, Tikkurila, Vantaa, 01300, VANTAA
  • PhaseRakenteilla
  • Completion time10/2021
  • Number of apartments53
  • TypeApartment building
  • Number of floors5
  • SiteRental

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Virtual apartment visits

Learn more about the apartments of Tikkurila Ensimmäinen virtually. Please note that the virtualisations are an artist’s impression, and their details may differ from the end result. The final details will be specified in the sales documents.
Apartment A3, 3 rooms + kitchen, 62,5 m2
Video of a furnished apartment.
Ladaaan sisältöä...
Apartment B36, 2 rooms + kitchen, 44 m2
Decoration option Wood
Ladaaan sisältöä...
Apartment B53, 3 rooms + kítchen, 60,5 m2
Decoration option Wave
Ladaaan sisältöä...
Ladaaan sisältöä...
Unencumbered price (€)

Living area

Number of rooms

B2723h+kt+s69.5 m²€89,424€298,040Preliminary reservation
B3433h+kt+s69.5 m²€92,623€308,680Free
B4143h+kt+s69.5 m²€98,123€327,010Preliminary reservation
Location and services

Location and services

If you can see the city hall on the other side of the street when you look out of the window, you know that you are at the centre of everything. You can find everything you need within walking distance. The train station, the shopping centre Dixi, agencies, health services, schools and day care centres and the pleasant outdoor recreation areas on the riverside. This is not far from anywhere, not even abroad. You can get to the airport from here in 15 minutes.

Decoration options

Decoration options

We all have our own personal tastes and style. What suits one person will not necessarily suit the neighbours. This is why we have put together two interior decor concepts in different styles: Wood and Wave. Whichever one you choose, it’s bound to succeed. We present the options in a separate Decoration Options brochure.

One can not do decoration options anymore in Tikkurilan Ensimmäinen.

Learn more about Nettikoti
Car park and shared car

Car park and shared car

Car parks are placed under the new block and they are sold seperately. See the the brochure from the link below. The prices of the car parks are shown in the downloadable pricelist.

A shared car will also be reserved for the use of the block’s housing cooperatives. It is an economical and worry-free alternative for private cars, and it makes mobility even easier and more environmentally friendly.

Car park brochure
Why Tikkurila?

Why Tikkurila?

In the future, the Helsinki Metropolitan Area will develop around public transport hubs in particular. Of these hubs, Tikkurila is the one that is perhaps developing the fastest. The population of Tikkurila and its surroundings has grown rapidly in the last decade, and the growth has created even more growth in the form of an increased number of jobs and new services. Currently, the vibrant Tikkurila is in a strong positive development spiral.

Contact our sales personnel and make a personal appointment: +358 800 122 200 or asuntomyynti@srv.fi

Sami Sahiluoma

Sami Sahiluoma

Sales Manager, KiAT

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Merja Rainio

Merja Rainio

Sales Manager, LKV, RAK

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Elise Utriainen

Sales Manager, LKV

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