Value creation model

Val­ue cre­ation mod­el


    According to the SRV Approach, the development and planning, design, and construction phases are combined and the implementation of all phases is flexible and they may overlap to create one seamless whole. The value creation model is built around the SRV Approach. The model takes into account all forms of capital, and presents a broad range of inputs, outputs and impacts. It provides a new way of describing and presenting SRV’s value creation and also serves the new information requirements of investors

    The value creation model is based on results from interviews with external stakeholders and from internal workshop results. The aim is to turn the value creation model into one of the most important tools for developing business operations over unit and function boundaries.

    SRV’s aim is to identify the areas in which the company makes decisions that create value (value for society) and in which decisions with a financial significance to SRV are made (value for SRV). The approach also identifies the criteria behind these decisions.