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Sustainability at SRV

The basic assumption behind sustainability is that communications are open, operations are transparent and the views of stakeholders influence operations. Although statutory requirements keep mounting, and the company must respond to them, it is also important to carefully listen to the needs and wishes of stakeholders. Any stakeholder can in its turn step into the role of a customer, and the customer experience is vital for reputation and trust.

SRV aims to provide the best customer experience in the construction business. The company’s high-quality and sustainable construction is based on professionally skilled personnel, the will to do things right, and ensuring that all the building blocks of quality are in place. A satisfied customer whose needs have been understood and fulfilled is the sign of good quality.

SRV’s long-term environmental efforts are geared towards real impact. SRV’s environmental efforts are based on commitment to compliance with laws, environmental protection, and the development and continuous improvement of the standard of operations in accordance with an environmental management system.

SRV’s safety activities are always based on exceeding legal requirements and being a safety pioneer in the construction industry. The company also requires the same standard of operations from its subcontractors and other partners. SRV activities are guided by the Group’s health and safety policy. On-site safety is based on preventative measures, orientation training, and following work safety instructions. Everyone working on SRV’s construction sites has both the right and obligation to look after their own safety and the safety of others.

SRV’s success is also tied to the successes of others in the network. Cooperation must be seamless. In a network of thousands of people, the majority of whom are partners’ employees, long-term efforts are required to implement shared sustainable working methods on a practical level.