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SRV wishes to act according to its values in an open and transparent manner and therefore maintain an ethical channel (whistleblowing) with which SRV’s employees and stakeholders may confidentially report incidents regarding potential illegal activities or other activities that go against SRV’s values and ethical principles. The ethical channel can also be used to report activities or misconduct that violate securities market legislation.

The SRV ethical channel is operated by an independent service provider BDO Oy.

All good faith observations reported to the ethical channel will be investigated impartially. SRV is responsible for ensuring that employees do not suffer any unfavourable work-related consequences as a result of reporting such violations. The reporter’s identity will be protected and the level of confidentiality requested by the reporter will be respected.

How to report?

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    Click on this link to fill in a form.

  2. 2

    Send a letter to: BDO Oy, Forensic Services, Vattuniemenranta 2, 00210 Helsinki, Finland