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Thirty years of partnerships, past and future

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Thirty years of partnerships, past and future

The partner seminar held on the occasion of SRV’s 30th anniversary pondered investors’ requirements regarding sustainability as well as the significance of reputation in partnerships. Representatives of SRV’s subcontractors were invited to the seminar. On that sunny day, dozens of interested parties arrived at the venue. In the first guest speech, Nina Ebeling, Investment Manager at LocalTapiola, emphasised the tangible importance of sustainability in investment decisions.

“Sustainability is integral to the investment philosophy behind all of LocalTapiola’s share and corporate loan investments. Investment decisions are based on our in-house analyses. The issues that investors find important are the impact of sustainability factors on long-term value, risk management and profit potential,” Ebeling summarised.

Harri Leinikka, CEO of T-Media, shed light on the significance of reputation in partnerships and how the reputation of a company influences stakeholder support for a company and thereby the decisions and operations of stakeholders.

“Will you buy from a company, enter its employ, invest in it? Sustainability will become significantly more important in business operations, and far more resources will be invested in it over the next five years,” says Leinikka.
The lively panel discussion that concluded the seminar dealt with the challenges faced in highly networked operating models and how working in close-knit networks influences reputation. The panel also discussed enhancing occupational safety and combating the grey economy in subcontractor networks and at the site level.

“Good partners who know their business are critically important for SRV’s success. When SRV develops the monitoring of its own network, it also has the interests of its partners in mind. Sustainable operations benefit all companies that do their job right in the entire chain,” says Seppo Kopsa, Procurement Director at SRV.

The story was originally published in 2017 Annual Report

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