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Taking a coffee tour to get acquainted with ethical guidelines

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Taking a coffee tour to get acquainted with ethical guidelines

People got acquainted with SRV’s updated 2017 ethical guidelines during a tour held at more than 30 locations. After its launch at SRV’s Derby headquarters in April, the tour went on to reach hundreds of people at offices and construction sites – both SRV’s own personnel and its contractors’ employees. The tour sought to spark off debate, listen to people, and share information about SRV’s ethical guidelines.

General Counsel Johanna Metsä-Tokila thinks that the tour succeeded in its objectives.

“The best thing about the tour was the chance to listen to questions and exchange thoughts. It was great to see discussions arising from important topics. For example, throughout the tour people were talking about showing appreciation for your colleagues and its impact on a good working atmosphere. What could be more important than everyone feeling good at work on a daily basis?”

There were also discussions about topics such as subcontractor supervision and its associated challenges, and people often talked about what kinds of topics could be discussed with outsiders. Security issues came to the fore when people were wondering how to make sure that outsiders don’t wander on construction sites. The tour team reminded everyone about the ethical channel, which can always be used to raise any issues that are causing you concern.  It is always easier to intervene when issues are raised promptly.

“Every one of us acts as a calling card for SRV – both within the company and to outsiders. We want SRV’s motivating and trust-inspiring culture to be seen from the outside as well, in the form of our clear ethical guidelines and compliance with them,” says President & CEO Juha Pekka Ojala.

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