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Roll up your sleeves, top talents!


Roll up your sleeves, top talents!

Today’s potential employees expect a lot from a job – meaningful, challenging and responsible tasks, a good outlook for the future, a pleasant work community, regular feedback, appreciation, and a good work-life balance.

SRV addresses these hopes in its trainee programme.

“We want to attract the sector’s best trainees; to get top talents growing and developing to fill permanent positions through practical training,” says SRV’s Pirjo Ahanen, Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

What kind of characteristics would the ideal candidate have, and how does the application process work?

“Personality is decisive. Competence is naturally required, but above all we’re looking for the right attitude, a desire to learn, and the ability to develop. SRV is an inspiring and quickly evolving workplace, and we expect the same from our employees. It’s also important for people to complete their studies,” says Ahanen.

SRV uses a recruiting partner to conduct video interviews with promising candidates. SRV supervisors will then choose candidates for evaluation on the basis of these videos.

“During the evaluation day, candidates will get to speak with their potential supervisors, enabling both parties to test each other’s suitability. Our aim is to sign employment contracts as soon as possible after the evaluation. Having a rigorous, multi-step recruitment process with high standards enables us to do this,” says Ahanen.

Close cooperation with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

  • In late August, to celebrate the start of the academic year, teachers from the Department of Construction and Real Estate visited the Living Lab to get acquainted with the REDI project. They were particularly interested in development investments and experiments with new technologies.
  • In the early days of September, SRV personnel made their own visit to the university for a safety day. Construction industry companies provided first-year students with safety knowledge. The students were through remote orientation for a construction site on the students’ mobile phones, and it worked perfectly.
  • In late September, first-year students from Metropolia’s Department of Construction and Real Estate visited the REDI Living Lab. SRV’s President & CEO and some younger work supervisors spoke about their own careers and SRV as a workplace. The students then left for tours of various construction sites.

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