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Pressi – energy highway connects buildings

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Pressi – energy highway connects buildings

A new smart tech centre going up in Vantaa will be harnessing geothermal energy in a new, more sustainable way. PRESSI Smart Premises consists of three integrated properties that will use the same geothermal energy system. “Each building’s geothermal energy system will be connected to the other buildings via an energy highway,” says technical building systems manager Jere Pirhonen from SRV. 

“The energy highway will provide us with an efficient way to transfer energy between properties, thereby enabling us to optimise the energy balance between the buildings in a comprehensive new way,” says Pirhonen, adding that further buildings can also be linked to the system.

“Then we’d already be talking about a district heating solution.”

The geothermal innovation will cover more than 90 per cent of Pressi’s energy requirements for heating and cooling. The buildings will also be equipped with rooftop solar panels that will help cover as much of the properties’ electricity production as possible.

“In practice, we’ll take as much energy from the sun as our roof area will allow,” says Pirhonen.

The first building (C building) will be ready for tenants to move in in January 2019, and then it’s just a question of waiting for buildings B and A to be completed. “We’re aiming to complete the next buildings at two-year intervals,” says Pirhonen.

The three-building complex will cover a total of 22,500 square metres. Pressi, which is within walking distance of Vantaankoski railway station, is aimed at pioneers who want to highlight responsibility in all of their operations.  Pressi is being built to meet the quality requirements for LEED V4 certification.

“One important element of Pressi’s energy efficiency concept is a flexible on-demand and fully controllable lighting solution.” Its ventilation system is also extremely adjustable, and its heat recovery is likewise first-class.

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