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Network Register increases construction site transparency

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Network Register increases construction site transparency

SRV has developed an IT system, the Network Register, to combat the grey economy and promote work safety and cooperation with the authorities.

27,391 workers and 4,297 contractors were emloyed on SRV’s construction sites in 2016. Using the Network Register, it is easy to ensure that tasks are performed only by skilled employees and contractors approved by SRV that have the up-to-date official documents required by SRV and the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability, such as accident insurance, a valid collective agreement, and appropriately arranged occupational healthcare. The Network Register also provides real-time data on the number of employees and contractors on each of SRV sites.

SRV utilises the Network Register to provide the tax authorities a statutory monthly report on employees on SRV construction sites. The Network Register is an undisputed pioneer in the industry when it comes to cooperation with the authorities and fighting the grey economy. SRV approach has also been developed in close cooperation with the tax administration.

SRV started developing the Network Register back in 2008 for selected construction sites, and it has been in use throughout the Group since 2011. SRV is currently using a completely revised version that is being continually developed to meet changes in requirements, regulations and other information.

The story has originally been published in the 2016 Annual Report

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