Majakka sparks community spirit

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Majakka sparks community spirit

REDI’s first residential tower, Majakka, will be completed in summer 2019. At a finished height of 134 metres, Majakka will be Finland’s tallest residential building – but its height is not its only special feature. Majakka takes a kind of participatory approach that is very rare in Finland.

Arto Huuskonen, Director, Digitalization and Services at SRV, says that homebuyers have been closely involved in both Majakka’s service design and the Majakka community from the outset.

“Over the last five years, we’ve arranged dozens of different customer workshops, so that we can create the perfect service package for residents.” Visits have even been made to gyms, so that future residents can test a variety of potential exercise equipment for Majakka’s fitness room.

Residents have drawn up shared rules for the building’s public areas – such as the club room on the 33rd floor and the area for everyday activities on the 5th floor – and everyone is really looking forward to moving in this summer.

“In fact, there’s already lively discussion in various channels, as if people were already living in the building,” says Huuskonen. Majakka houses a whopping 282 apartments.

Lotta Toivonen, SRV’s project manager for service development, has also been surprised by how enthusiastic residents have been in getting involved in the overall design. “We’ve considered a lot of solutions that will make residents’ daily lives easier and save time on daily routines.”

At the core of the service package lies the House Team, which will provide concierge services, maintenance and general cleaning, as well as other services for an additional charge, such as home cleaning, grocery deliveries, and dogwalking.

“Our House Team will supplement the shopping centre’s service offering, enabling residents to make use of laundry and catering services,” says Toivonen.

New digital solutions have also been developed, such as ways to move easily around the tower and book premises, and also for resident communications and other residential services.

Over 1,300 ideas for services have been collected during the Majakka project, and only the future will show which seeds will grow. “However, it’s already obvious that this will be no ordinary building – all the residents are deeply committed to improving both the building and its services,” says Toivonen.

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