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Fine-tuning the design of the Keilaniemi Towers in line with customers’ wishes

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Fine-tuning the design of the Keilaniemi Towers in line with customers’ wishes

SRV plans to build the tallest residential towers in Finland in Keilaniemi, Espoo. The company has held workshops for customers interested in Keilaniemi to consider issues such as apartment floor plans and communal areas.

“The workshops reveal that the most important issues for the future residents are a good location, transport connections, good day-to-day functionality and views”, says Project Manager Terttu Peltonen from SRV`s housing marketing unit.

Those about 20 participants were given the current floor plans and asked for their comments. One of the concrete wishes presented at the workshops was that the door to the apartment should have a clear view of the living room, whose windows showcase a beautiful marine landscape. Larger windows were also on the wish list. “The results of the surveys and workshops have been carefully reviewed with SRV’s experts and the SARC architects. On the basis of the results, the floor plans have been fine-tuned to cater to the expectations of the customers, the windows have been made bigger, and the comfort and functionality of bathrooms have been enhanced.”

Of the common areas, the participants had the greatest interest and expectations regarding the gym. The lounge planned for the top floor, the 32nd, also inspired the participants to come up with different uses. “They would like a multipurpose lounge. In the daytime, it could serve as a space for telecommuters, while in the evenings and weekends it could be rented as a venue for residents’ own events. The participants were not interested in a separate club room, as they felt that it would not see much use”, says Peltonen.

Saunas were very divisive. A few of the respondents absolutely want their own sauna, while some are excited by shared saunas on the top floor. This result appears to be in line with current trends: the way Finns enjoy a sauna is changing.

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