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A carbon-neutral, energy-efficient building is a good climate deed

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A carbon-neutral, energy-efficient building is a good climate deed

Worldwide, the construction industry uses about 40 per cent of all of the world’s raw materials and causes a third of greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, energy consumption during use, the building materials and their carbon footprint play a significant role in reducing climate impacts. Our new energy and lifecycle services combine energy efficiency, carbon neutrality and a pleasant indoor climate.

Buildings account for a significant share of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions both globally and in Finland. Our actions to improve the energy consumption of buildings over their entire life cycle are genuinely meaningful in the fight against climate change.

We launched our new energy and lifecycle services in spring 2019, thereby expanding our service range into building use and maintenance. We are now responsible not only for design and construction, but also the energy supply of a property over its entire lifecycle as well as the upkeep and maintenance of energy systems with long-term annual contracts.

“We provide new solutions to reduce the climate impacts of buildings and improve the comfort of property users. Our promise to customers is that the indoor climate is consistent and pleasant – and that the property is energy-efficient, with low lifecycle costs and a neutral carbon footprint. Our commitment to maintaining the building for years to come is also a pledge that the properties we implement are high quality and sustainable,” says Jere Pirhonen, Director, Energy and lifecycle services.

Energy and lifecycle services have sparked plenty of interest. At the end of the year, we held a customer event focusing on the impact of energy management and clean energy solutions on property values.

Everyone benefits from a climate-wise building

Our energy and lifecycle services provide customers with our views on building energy systems, management of energy costs and system upkeep to support them in their decision making. We offer expertise for both the design phase of construction projects and the improvement of energy efficiency of properties that are already in use. We also implement and manage energy systems if necessary and sell heating, cooling and electrical energy to properties.

“Properties retain their value better, the operating costs are lower and users enjoy comfortable working conditions. Employee well-being improves, absenteeism decreases and work productivity increases,” says Pirhonen.

We harness the data we have accumulated during our property construction in the design of energy systems. Decisions made on the basis of data on actual performance guide design solutions in a more energy- and cost-efficient direction already in the construction phase.

“With the customer, we agree on joint objectives for energy consumption, the carbon footprint and indoor climate over the entire life cycle. Our role is to ensure that the building is implemented in accordance with these objectives,” says Pirhonen.

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Energy and lifecycle services

Energy and lifecycle services

Today’s smart choices are the future-proof building blocks of tomorrow. We design, build and maintain energy-efficient and carbon-neutral buildings.

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