SRV’s strategy for 2016-2020 was approved in early 2016. Numerous steps were taken in 2017 to support the strategy in terms of profitability, customer experience, sustainability, digitalisation, employer image and new business functions alike. All these measures aim to realise the company’s mission, vision and three strategic objectives: the best customer experience in the industry, the most attractive employer in the industry and the best profitability in the industry. In early 2018, changes were made to strategic development programmes, as some of the programmes had reached their first major objective and been integrated into day-to-day operations. At the same time, the content and implementation timetable of the strategic financial objectives were revised.

SRV’s strategy centres around its objective of developing and building homes and spaces where people can live comfortably and enjoy life. The company’s strengths include long-term development work and a profound understanding of customers’ needs – things SRV has been doing for almost 30 years. SRV operates responsibly and sustainably in Finland’s growth centres, and in St Petersburg and Moscow. All operations seek to strengthen SRV’s role as a sustainable, high-calibre and customer-oriented builder and property developer, and to become the most desirable workplace in the industry.

SRV’s strategy and operations are based on long-term cooperation. The company’s own personnel number is just over 1,000, and it also employs almost 4,000 partners through its unique network. SRV’s entrepreneurial spirit can genuinely be seen in daily work at all levels of the organisation. Attractive and evolving city centres lie at the heart of SRV’s strategy. Cooperation with different parties, such as cities, investors, financiers and designers, plays a key role in making cities even better places to live.

SRV’s business is even more tightly focused on major projects in which the company is involved both as an owner and as a builder. These projects are mainly located in growth centres, where there is enough demand.

For some time now, SRV has been one of the largest housing construction companies in Finland. In line with its strategy, SRV will continue to focus on residential developer-contracted and investor projects in Finnish growth centres. The target is to increase the market share of SRV’s housing business accounted for by marketfinanced (terrace and) apartment block production in the Helsinki and Tampere regions to over 15 per cent by 2020, and thereby significantly increase revenue from the housing business. SRV currently has over 3,200 housing units under construction, of which 55 per cent are located in the Greater Helsinki Area. The company intends to build another 15–20,000 new homes over the next 10 years.

In business premises, SRV is placing a greater focus on project management through the use of cooperation models. SRV is seeking growth opportunities via new areas of expertise, such as lifecycle models, hospital construction, and infrastructure construction. The company’s current revenue from hospital construction is already in excess of EUR 830 million.

SRV’s international operations continue to focus on Russia, where the company owns and operates shopping centres, and is developing them for sale. In addition to this all SRV’s shopping centres have possibilities for further development.