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SRV Approach

The competitive edge of SRV is based both on the efficient implementation of projects by means of the SRV Approach and on strong project development expertise. The SRV Approach is based on the innovative development and implementation of construction projects in open co-operation with clients, and driven by client needs. The SRV Approach combines the whole construction project into a consistent and flexible process and allows its clients to participate as much as they desire. The major strengths of SRV Approach area overall economy, faster implementation schedule and better equivalence to clients needs.

Throughout the process SRV is responsible for project management whereas specific tasks such as architectural design and construction work are assigned to specialised subcontractors. SRV assumes responsibility for project completion according to price, time and quality requirements agreed with the client. According to the SRV Approach, construction projects are divided into development and planning, design, and construction phase. The implementation of all phases is flexible and they may overlap to create one seamless whole. 

SRV Approach can be used in different contract forms

These excellent features of the SRV Approach can be used in several different contract formats, but customers get the greatest benefit by co-operating with SRV right from the very start of a project. SRV also assumes the overal responsibility as the main contractor.

Commercial and business premise construction are typical areas in which the SRV Approach brings the greatest benefits. They often involve extensive projects that can be brought to a more rapid conclusion through overlapping phases, even though some of the end-users may still be unknown during the initial stages.

Many infrastructure projects on the other hand come ready planned, zoned and financed. For these clients, it may be important for projects to be carried out at a fixed price. In these cases, SRV can operate in the role of main contractor.

SRV is also a notable developer contractor - that is, acquiring plots and designing and founding housing corporations - especially for residential production in the Greater Helsinki Area. Other residential construction projects are carried out as tendering, and others as co-operation projects.