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Srv Company / SRV as company / History


SRV strengthened its earth engineering operations by forming SRV Infra Oy from SRV’s current rock engineering activities and the company Maanrakennus Oy Laatutyö. The new unit started operating on 1 September 2014. 

SRV aqcuired Maanrakennus Oy Laatutyö -company. Laatutyö continues to use it's own name in all business operations.

SRV's Housing and Business Premises production were merged at the beginning of 2011 to form a single company, SRV Construction Ltd, to handle operations in Finland.

Jukka Hienonen appointed SRV President & CEO from beginning of August.

SRV's regional units SRV Keski-Suomi Oy, SRV Lounais-Suomi Oy, SRV Kaakkois-Suomi Oy, Rakennusliike Erkki Huhdanpää Oy and Pirkanmaan Projektitoimi Oy were merged into SRV Housing. Regional units continue their business in their areas. Rakennusliike Erkki Hyhdanpää Oy and Pirkanmaan Projektitoimi Oy will continue under the name SRV Pirkanmaa.

SRV Viitoset changed into SRV Business Premises 1 March 2008 and SRV Westerlund changed its name into SRV Housing. 

SRV Group was listed in Helsinki stock exchange.

Regional operations were moved under SRV Westerlund.

Operations of SRV Viitoset, specialiced in construction of office and retail premises, and SRV Teräsbetoni, specialiced in logistics and rock construction works, were integrated into SRV Viitoset.

Eero Heliövaara appointed SRV President & CEO from beginning of March.

The Kamppi commercial centre was sold to the British real estate and investment company Boultbee and The Royal Bank of Scotland. The office buildings in the Kamppi Centre were sold to the German company Aareal Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft GmbH.

SRV’s three owners sold their 48 per cent shareholding to Ilpo Kokkila. SRV Henkilöstö Oy was founded and all SRV personnel were given the opportunity to become shareholders in the company. Ilpo Kokkila continues as majority shareholder.

Viru Centre is officially opened in Tallinn, Estonia, in May.
Hannu Mikkonen takes up his post as SRV President & CEO in January.

SRV’s subsidiary SRV Teräsbetoni Oy bought a 70% share in Rakennusliike Erkki Huhdanpää Oy. The company operates in the Pirkanmaa economic area.

Construction of the Kamppi Centre starts.

Tehorakentajat Oy is merged with Arvo Westerlund.
SRV Group is split into two separate companies, SRV Group and Pontos Baltic Holding Oy.
Heikki Allonen takes up his post as President & CEO of SRV Group in January.

Viitoset Group acquires majority shareholding in Arvo Westerlund Oy, which is engaged in office and housing construction.

Turun Rakennusryhmä Oy operations are transferred to the Turku regional office of Teräsbetoni Oy.

SRV Viitoset acquires Teräsbetoni Oy’s business operations in June.

SRV Terbelat established in Latvia.

1990, 1992-1994
SRV establishes joint ventures in Soviet Union: Estonia (Eesti Ehitus, Finest, Estconde) and Moscow (Hemos). Rakennusliike Purmonen Oy (Joensuu) and Turun Rakennusryhmä were founded in Finland.

SRV Viitoset was established. The company owes its name to the fact that there were five founding companies (derived from the Finnish numeral 'viisi'). SRV is an acronym of the name Suomen Rakennusvienti (Finnish Construction Export).

SRV Group’s first project is launched in Rakvere in Estonia, where the company builds a meat processing plant.