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Group structure

SRV is Finland’s leading project management contractor that develops and builds commercial and business premises, residential units as well as infrastructure and logistics projects. Apart from Finland, the company operates in Russia and Estonia.

SRV Group Plc

SRV Group Plc, the Group’s parent company, is responsible for the Group’s management, treasury, finance and administrative functions. The Property Development and Building Systems units support and serve all of the Group’s business operations.

Project development unit

SRV's development projects are based on project development that sets out to identify future trends and gain a deep understanding of the needs of customers' business operations. SRV's Project Development seeks to find premises for users, owners for premises and investments for owners. Systematically acquiring plots and looking into potential sources of financing are also key subfactors in project development.

Project development is a long-term activity in which the open-minded search for implementation alternatives and the correct timing of implementation are important. Thanks to our networked operating model, we can combine the needs of customers and stakeholders innovatively. With the SRV Approach, which is based on robust project management expertise, we can also turn good ideas into successful construction projects.

Operations in Finland

SRV's Housing and Business Premises production were merged at the beginning of 2011 to form a single company, SRV Construction Ltd, to handle Operations in Finland. Operations in Finland develops and builds housing, retail premises, offices, logistics centres and hotels, as well as underground construction projects and other special premises for its customers. We carry out projects through either developer contracting or project management contracting. Our experts and network of specialist contractors implement them efficiently using the SRV Approach.

International operations

SRV's international operations are divided into Russian and Estonian operations. Russia is our major strategic growth area. In Russia, we specialise in the development and construction of high-quality shopping centres, commercial and multifunction premises, offices, hotels and various production and logistics facilities. In geographical terms, operations focus on Moscow and St Petersburg.