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Strategic Development Programmes

Strategic Development Programmes

Streamlining operations throughout the construction chain

    • We strengthen and streamline our design management – procurement preparation – procurement execution – site management chain
    • We will improve the cost-effectiveness and buildability of the plans
    • We increase risk management expertise throughout the organization.
    • We will strengthen active implementation chain management and tackling deviations


Increasing profitability in housing construction

    • We ensure a customer-oriented and cost-effective design solution
    • We bring lifecycle-wise solutions to all residential construction.
    • We actively utilise operational efficiency solutions.
    • We are building the future with the knowledge gained from high-rise construction
    • We develop digital solutions for serving customers

Best customer experience in the commercial premises market

    • We seek growth from the private sector by commercialising lifecycle-wise construction for the benefit of users, investors and developers.
    • We increase customer understanding and market activity.
    • We create value for our customers business premises and locating solutions through our own strong project development and customized location solutions.
    • We commercialise a two-stage project management contracting model for our private sector clients.