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The most significant changes in the operating environment on which we plan for the future and build new business are the increasing urbanization and the need to curb climate change.

We have identified the 3 most important megatrends for our operations:

Accelerating climate change

Climate change and resource scarcity are affecting everyone. Energy and raw material prices are rising and decision-making is based on sustainability – new indicators are emerging from the requirements of energy efficiency and the circular economy. New technologies and climate change are having a major impact on construction and the real estate sector. Real estate must be sustainable, whether viewed from the perspective of energy efficiency, circular economy or the preservation of economic value.

Condensing cities

More and more of us want to live in cities, because with jobs and services, life there is made easier. At the same time, the countryside is withering, which further intensifies migration. We all need to find a home in the city as well – new construction is often the best solution. In addition, the use of energy is increasingly regulated by law, and together with curbing climate decisions, the pursuit of an energy-efficient life also drives us to live more closely.

Accelerating digitalization

Our society is in transition. Digitalisation creates the framework for successful change. It challenges us to question existing practices and re-create them, to make them more functional and flexible. The solutions brought by digitalisation have increased the use of various services in our daily lives.