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Sponsorships and Donations

Construction involves long-term decisions that have a broad impact on the environment, society and communities — the lives of all of us. Stakeholders expect more openness and concrete action from construction industry players to tackle societal challenges. Our industry’s success in this area plays a significant role in building a better society and in enabling advancements in many aspects of sustainability. SRV develops projects with its eye on the long term and builds a sustainable future together with its stakeholders. Our donations and sponsorships are guided not only by the company’s strategy, but also by our desire to shoulder our responsibility for society. SRV signed a three-year cooperation agreement in 2021 with the Finnish Olympic Committee. This cooperation seeks to address one of the future’s biggest challenges: children’s immobility.

SRV in collaboration with the Finnish Olympic Comittee

Lasten Liike -programme seeks to improve childrens quality of life in Finland over the long term by instilling the concept of an active lifestyle into every child’s daily life.

We support societal well-being, interactions with different groups and doing things together. We focus on improving quality of life in city centres and seek to support activities that promote, for instance:

  • social life
  • safety
  • free and accessible mobility.

In our choices, we also consider societal perspectives, nationwide visibility and our opportunities to provide non-monetary support as well. Although we want to give our main support to national issues or projects, this may also involve strong local visibility or activities. In addition to its main target groups, SRV may also support several smaller beneficiaries. In certain cases, support for the main target group may also be provided over several years. SRV aims to find longer-term beneficiaries that support its strategy and to closely monitor their activities during the entire period of cooperation.

You can submit a sponsorship or donation application using this form. We will request additional information if necessary and will only inform selected cooperation partners of our decisions. Applications are processed twice a year, in April and November.

Sponsorship is a form of cooperation in return for benefits in which the sponsor increases its visibility in its own target group or seeks a new target group, and bolsters its brand and image by supporting an event, organisation or external concept of its choice, either financially or in kind.

Donations in turn are always gratuitous and are made for non-profit purposes (such as a non-profit organisation that has no political and religious affiliations, or scientific, cultural or arts organisations).