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Quality construction pays attention to the environment

The built environment is expected to be even more energy and eco-efficient to solve climate and energy challenges. Developing construction that goes easy on the environment is an important element of our code of values and operating model.

The company develops and implements attractive housing and areas that encourage their residents and users to adopt environmentally friendly lifestyles.

We assess the environmental impacts of buildings over their entire life cycles. Our aim is to implement residential and working environments that are as attractive as possible and also encourage their users to adopt ecological lifestyles, such as commuting by rail.

SRV's environmental activities hinge on a commitment to enhancing operations in line with sustainable development and to the reporting of the impacts of our own business operations. Operations are based on current environmental legislation. In addition, our customers and we set project-specific environmental objectives for construction projects.

SRV has made excellent headway in waste management and material efficiency on construction sites

Waste from on-site work is the major direct environmental impact of construction. SRV's environmental activities are steered by our environmental policy. This policy is ratified by the Corporate Executive Team and one of its major objectives is to optimise the material efficiency of sites and develop waste management. We have had excellent success in this effort.

SRV requires that an environmental plan must be drafted for each and every site in Finland as part of the quality system. All the parties involved must commit to the plan. The environmental plan is intended to help worksites to identify the environmental perspectives of site operations and to plan measures so as to prevent or minimise environmental impacts. In addition, we appoint an on-site environmental officer for each project. These officers keep track of matters such as site waste volumes and energy consumption using SRV's environmental reporting system, SRV Environment.

Over and above our environmental efforts as part of practical project work, we develop our environmental expertise in a variety of research projects.

In 2013, the total amount of waste was 11,900 tonnes (15,000 tonnes in 2012) and waste utilisation rate was 89% (88%).  Mixed construction waste as share of total waste was 47% in 2013.

Member of Green Building Council Finland

In 2010 SRV became a member of th Green Building Council Finland. FIGCB's  key focus is to encourage use of sustainable development practices and the environmental categories related to real estate. FIGBC’s goal is to foster the sustainable development perspective as a natural part of all real estate and construction activity. FIGBC is also a part of the international knowlege exchange and discussion network Green Building Council. SRV's aim is to be an active part of this discussion.