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Srv Company / Responsibility


The decisions made during construction have a broad and lasting impact on the environment and the lives of many people. For this reason, we take a long-term approach to project development - and build a sustainable future through our responsible operations.

The guiding themes of SRV's corporate responsibility are the transparency of operations, occupational safety and preventing the grey economy.

Other key issues include personnel wellbeing, taking care of the environment and the financial stability of the company.

We have the best tools and practices in the industry to promote occupational safety and prevent the grey economy. For instance, we have developed the SRV Network Register, which enables us to verify that all project parties fulfil their statutory obligations.

The transparent and highly scaleable SRV Approach ensures that projects run smoothly and that we can provide quality and added value for the users of the properties, owners and other stakeholders. Thanks to our operating model, we can maintain the well-rounded economic structure of society and also give small companies the opportunity to participate in construction projects.

SRV is a pioneer in responsibility and risk management in the construction industry. Our track record speaks for itself - studies show that our employees are highly motivated, we have won numerous awards for the best construction site of the year, our order book has grown even in tough times, and we have successfully completed countless construction projects.