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News and media

These Media pages provide SRV Group's stock exchange and press releases as well as our interest group publications.

The purpose of SRV Group's communications is to provide SRV's interest groups with sufficient information of the operations and business environment of the company so that the stakeholders can form a true and fair view of the company. Communications support implementation of SRV Group's strategy and the company's businesses.

SRV Group's communications shall be accurate, open and consistent.

SRV's group communications function is responsible for SRV Group's internal and external communications as well as media relations.

Media contacts:

e-mail: firstname.surname[at]srv[dot]fi

SRV Yhtiöt Plc
Group Communications
P.O. Box 555
02601 Espoo
Visiting address: Tarvonsalmenkatu 15
Telephone: 020 145 5200