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Divindend policy

At its meeting on 5 August 2015, SRV's Board of Directors decided to update the company's strategic objectives for 2015–2019. The new objective for the dividend payment is 30–50 per cent of the annual result, taking into account the capital needs of business operations, instead of the earlier announced figure of 30 per cent.

Dividend distribution

Under the Finnish Companies Act, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders decides on the distribution of dividends based on the dividend distribution proposal by the Board of Directors. According to the company’s Articles of Association, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders shall be held annually before the end of May. More than half of the votes cast at the General Meeting of Shareholders shall second proposal for distribution of dividends. In accordance with prevailing practice in Finland, dividends on shares in a Finnish company are generally only paid annually.

Dividend history

Period Dividend per share, € Total, €
2015 0,10 6 049 957,50
2014 0.12 4,412,216.16
2013 0.12 4,412,216.16
2012 0.06 2,206,108.08
2011 0.12 4,412,216.16
2010 0.12 4,412,216.16
2009 0.12 4,412,216.16
2008 0.12 4,412,216.16
2007 0.12 4,412,216.16