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Services / Infrastructure construction

Infrastructure construction

One of SRV’s specialties is construction of underground facilities and earth-moving work. SRV has for example constructed underground parking garages, civil defence shelters, tunnels and storage facilities. In the centre of Helsinki SRV has implemented several large scale and demanding projects.
SRV has strengthened its earth engineering operations by forming SRV Infra Oy from  SRV’s rock engineering activities and the company Maanrakennus Oy Laatutyö, which SRV acquired in 2011. The new unit started operating on 1 September 2014. 

Underground construction

SRV is one of the major players in underground construction in the Helsinki metropolitan area. SRV has technically advanced, modern equipment for underground construction in use and also has a broad network of subcontractors who are specialised in underground construction. What is more, we use the latest computerised systems for the design, production planning, technical implementation and management of the environment.
We have implemented numerous large-scale underground construction projects in the heart of Helsinki, including the excavation and construction of the Helsinki City Service Tunnel and the extension of the Kamppi car park. Moreover, we have built many tunnels, storage facilities and parking garages below ground.

Earth construction and foundation engineering

SRV takes care of for example foundation engineering, excavation and transportation, quarrying, piling, bracing, sheeting, rock reinforcement, municipal engineering, road construction work and foundation engineering as well as demanding concrete structures. 

Full service construction

We manage underground construction through our own SRV Approach, which divides the project into different stages and merges project development and implementation into a single functional entity. We carry out underground construction projects as developer contracting projects or contracting. Different stages - development, design and construction, are implemented in a smooth, overlapping process.
In underground projects, we take charge not only of construction but of project development, planning and design, and if necessary also of financing. During the construction phase, we do both the excavation and construction engineering works. As the SRV Approach specifies, we can attend to the search for land, land acquisition, soil survey as well as easements and rental agreements. If necessary, we will find the end-users as well.