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Development services

Our project development experts plan new projects and concepts for the operational business areas. Project development specialises in the development and upgrading of properties, and in the development of business, logistics and residential areas. The aim is to ensure solutions for premises which will meet the individual requirements of the user, improve the owner's income from rent or sale, and ensure growth in the value of investments by creating interesting targets for investment. The customer base consists of companies, municipalities and landowners, and domestic and international fi nanciers and investors.

Development work is often launched several years before actual construction begins. The development and project planning stage is crucial in terms of the success of a project. Any decisions will have a bearing on implementation costs and schedule and the yield obtained from the project and on the project's practicality and functionality.

Developing a construction project is often a long-term process consisting of different components, depending on the requirements of the project. SRV provides its customers with a comprehensive, tailored service which covers for example the following aspects:

  • overall project management
  • study of requirements and investments
  • organising investment and finance
  • project planning, planning control and project schedule management
  • acquiring plots and handling changes to town or city plans
  • contacts with authorities
  • developing business ideas
  • cost control
  • life cycle solutions, and
  • finding end-users.