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Veli-Matti Kullas nominated as member of SRV’s Corporate Executive Team


Director Veli-Matti Kullas, who is in charge of SRV's operations in Russia, has 
been nominated as member of SRV's Corporate Executive Team. His responsibilities
include development and implementation of SRV's projects in Russia. Kullas has  
been working with SRV since June 2004. Veli-Matti Kullas reports to Ari         
Beilinson, Director of SRV's International Operations.                          

- One of SRV's strategic goals is to extend and strengthen its operations in    
Russia. Nominating Kullas as member of the Corporate Executive Team reflects the
growing importance of the Russian operations in SRV. Moreover, we can make even 
better use of the strong areas of different business areas in the Corporate     
Executive Team, says Eero Heliövaara, president and CEO of SRV.                 

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