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SRV’s operations to be completely emission-free by 2030 – carbon neutrality roadmap steers business


SRV’s operations to be completely emission-free by 2030 – carbon neutrality roadmap steers business

SRV is involved in the #BuildingLife programme coordinated by Green Building Council Finland, which aims to achieve a carbon neutral built environment by 2035. SRV has set its own zero-emission target for 2030. All of SRV’s construction sites have already been carbon neutral since the beginning on 2022. As construction is one of Finland’s largest sources of carbon dioxide emissions, zero-emission construction sites would considerably reduce Finland’s emissions.

SRV will now continue on its journey to becoming a completely zero-emission company, and a carbon neutrality roadmap has been drawn up to steer the company’s operations towards this goal over the coming years. SRV’s strategy is based on developing the built environment so that its entire lifecycle is taken into account. This lifecycle wisdom will help the company to reduce its emissions and build a sustainable and good living environment for decades and centuries to come.

Lifecycle wisdom consists of several factors, such as the chosen form of energy, energy-efficient solutions, material choices, and minimising emissions. As it is not yet possible to eliminate all emissions, an equivalent number of trees will be planted to compensate for them. Planting trees sequesters carbon and is an important factor in mitigating climate change. SRV is working with the Finnish organisation, which has already planted 16,700 trees to date. These trees will help to sequester 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions during their lifecycles.

“Our primary goal is to reduce emissions, but until we’re able to eliminate all emissions, we can give something back to nature immediately by planting trees,” says Miimu Airaksinen, Senior Vice President, Development at SRV.

How will SRV achieve all of its goals?

In order to become a zero-emission company, SRV will implement a broad range of measures to achieve its carbon neutrality targets during 2022–2030. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals will steer the company’s environmental action.

“Our goal is to gradually reduce emissions and achieve net zero emissions for our own operations by 2030. All our construction sites use carbon-neutral electricity, and we use the most low-carbon alternatives possible for heating. We’re also gradually switching to hybrid and electric vehicles for our fleets of cars and machinery. By taking this action, we want to commit to limiting climate change to 1.5 degrees,” says Johanna Arola, Sustainability and HSEQ Manager at SRV.

Which is why construction sites are already using emission-free electricity with guarantees of origin, choosing sustainable and low-emission building materials, and promoting the circular economy through the use of sharing economy solutions and the reuse of structural elements and extractable land resources. Measures are also being constantly taken to enrich biodiversity. These include favouring native vegetation, increasing vegetation cover, and creating nesting sites for birds and insects.

It is important that SRV’s extensive network of partners also develop their own operations in a low-carbon direction. SRV’s targets for 2023–2030 include intensifying cooperation with both its customer and supplier networks in order to reduce indirect emissions. The company will continue to increase environmental and climate awareness among its subcontractors and drivers, and to broadly support its partners in making sustainable choices. The proportion of environmentally certified projects will also be increased, and lifecycle-wise projects for both housing and business premises will be developed to reduce the lifecycle carbon footprint of buildings. SRV will also focus on utilising an even broader range of low-emission materials.


For further information, please contact:
Miimu Airaksinen, Senior Vice President, Development, SRV, tel. +358 (0)40 770 4832,
Johanna Arola, Sustainability and HSEQ-manager, SRV, tel. +358 (0)40 826 9379,
Mira Sköld, Communications Spesialist, SRV, tel. +358 (0)45 631 4758,


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