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SRV’s Koivusaari metro station project wins Site of the Year 2015 award

SRV’s Koivusaari metro station project wins Site of the Year 2015 award

The SRV`s Koivusaari metro station management contracting project on the Western Metro line has won the Site of the Year 2015 award in a competition held by Rakennuslehti magazine. The jury commended the well-led production management of the contractually- and structurally-demanding project, in which both implementation planning and control were executed in an exemplary way and timetable challenges overcome through innovative solutions, for example with an ingenious framework solution. as well as its time-saving, innovative technical solutions. SRV is the project management contractor of the Koivusaari metro station project, which was launched in late 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in March 2016.

“Construction 30 metres below sea level as well as the tight timetable ensured that the project would be a real showcase for us. The challenging nature of the project makes the success of the work and the win of the award even more satisfying. I believe innovativeness and excellent planning management decided the competition in our favour, thanks to the project management contract model,” explains Production Director Antti Raunemaa.

For administrative and technical reasons, the Koivusaari metro station project was among the last Western Metro Phase 1 station sites to be launched. Underground construction as well as requirements set by water pressure increased the challenge posed by the project.

“We were able to accelerate the overall timetable by a decisive three months by replacing a large part of planned in-situ cast vertical structures with elements. The elevator is exceptionally at a 45-degree angle, and Finland’s longest, 70-metre, escalators are at a 30-degree angle. Site Manager Reima Liikamaa and his team have also overcome the architectonic challenges superbly, and the whole project has been managed safely, on time and with professionalism,” says Project Manager Juho Varelius

Koivusaari metro station will serve both western Lauttasaari and a new residential area planned for Koivusaari consisting of around 4,000 inhabitants and 2,000 jobs. The planned service life of nearly all the structures, including those made of concrete, is one hundred years. The theme of the station is the sea. This is evident in the roof, which resembles the shape of an overturned boat, and in the wall and ceiling façade at the platform, which is shaped like the baleen of a whale.

Rakennuslehti magazine has selected a Site of the Year every year since 1986. This year the jury consisted of Hannu Järveläinen (The Finnish Construction Managers and Engineers RKL), Juhani Karhu (A-insinöörit), Matti Kruus (Indepro), Jukka Hietavirta (Regional State Administrative Agencies), Juha-Matti Junnonen (Aalto University) and Jukka Pekkanen (Tampere University of Technology, Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT).

Further information:
Antti Raunemaa, Production Director, +358 40 564 4105,
Juho Varelius, Project Manager, +358 40 774 0002,
Päivi Kauhanen, Vice President, Communications, +358 50 598 9560,


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