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SRV wins over EUR 100 million contractor agreement for the expansion of the centre of Tapiola

SRV wins over EUR 100 million contractor agreement for the expansion of the centre of Tapiola

SRV has been selected as the project management contractor for a LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management´s Ainoa and Kirjokansi project in Tapiola, Espoo, where the Tapiola Centre´s comprehensive renovation project will run until 2020. SRV acted as LocalTapiola’s project management contractor during the second construction phase of the Ainoa shopping centre and the Kirjokansi apartments developed by LocalTapiola.

The total investment of the Ainoa and Kirjokansi project will be worth about EUR 500 and the project management contractor agreement for SRV is worth over EUR 100 million.  The agreement concerning the following construction phases will be signed on 30 June 2016, after which the contract will entered into SRV’s order backlog. The contract with LocalTapiola and other agreements signed over the last month will increase the value of SRV’s order backlog to approximately EUR 2 billion. The final order backlog for June will be confirmed after the interim report is completed.

Tapiola is one of the most important centres of Espoo. We are delighted that LocalTapiola has selected us to continue the expansion of Tapiola’s central block. Cooperation between LocalTapiola and the SRV’s project team has been excellent and the project has remained on schedule. Furthermore, the recent growth in our long-term order backlog is a good indicator of the functionality and scalability of the SRV Approach,” says Juha Toimela, Vice President responsible for SRVs Business Operations in Finland.

In Ainoa’s third and final construction phase, a new business building will be built in central Tapiola, complemented by two new blocks of Kirjokansi flats with a total of 106 apartments. Construction will begin with the demolition of the current Stockmann department store building, which will be replaced by some 20,000 square metres of new business premises. Ainoa and Stockmann will serve their customers in Tapiola as usual throughout the construction. Stockmann will move its Tapiola branch from its current location to the newly constructed part of Ainoa in 2017.  It is estimated that the third phase of the Ainoa shopping centre will be completed in late 2019. The blocks of flats to be built on top of it will be ready in 2020.

Merituulentie’s connecting bus terminal will be constructed under the Ainoa shopping centre. SRV is also in charge of this construction. Tapiola’s new metro station will be strongly connected to the new bus terminal on Merituulentie and the Ainoa shopping centre. The new bus terminal will be opened by the end of 2018.


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