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SRV to launch construction work on new Siltasairaala Hospital for HUS

SRV to launch construction work on new Siltasairaala Hospital for HUS

The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa HUS has made the decision to launch the implementation phase of the Siltasairaala Hospital in collaboration with SRV. The construction site of the Siltasairaala Hospital, the largest construction project in the history of HUS, will start up in early 2018. In connection with the Siltasairaala Hospital, a separate investment project comprising radiotherapy devices (linear accelerators 7, 8, and 14) will also be implemented for the client. According to the project’s target timetable prepared in the development phase, construction work is due to be completed in June 2022 and the hospital and the radiotherapy device facilities to be taken into use in 2023.

The new building will be constructed at Meilahti in Helsinki, in the centre of the emergency hospital area. The Siltasairaala Hospital will provide patients with high quality care in an attractive, safe, accessible and environmentally friendly setting. It will replace the Töölö Hospital, which is in poor condition, as well as part of the Department of Oncology building, combining functions in the same campus. The Siltasairaala Hospital will be located between the Meilahti Tower Hospital and the current Department of Oncology building. These, together with the Meilahti Triangle Hospital, will then form an integrated complex both operationally and in terms of healthcare premises.

The scope of the project in terms of gross floor area is approximately 71,500 m2, including the hospital and the radiotherapy facilities. The number of floors of the hospital will vary from five floors in the lowest part of the complex to nine floors in the highest part. Among other things, the hospital will have 215 beds in four wards, 58 intensive care unit beds, 69 day-hospital treatment places, 16 operating theatres, outpatient clinics, a restaurant, and lecture and teaching premises.

The project management contractor agreement for the Siltasairaala Hospital was signed in June 2017, at which time a development phase that lasted until the end of the year was launched. Through the decision now made to launch the implementation phase, the Siltasairaala Hospital project will be entered into SRV’s order backlog, with a target budget of EUR 243 million. The Siltasairaala Hospital project further strengthens SRV’s current position as Finland’s largest builder of hospitals and healthcare projects. HUS is investing EUR 295 million in the hospital construction project. The investment for the separate linear accelerator 7, 8 and 14 project, to be implemented in the same complex, is valued at EUR 17 million. The projects will be implemented as a joint project management contract.

In recent years, SRV and HUS have collaborated in the implementation of a number of other projects, including an additional emergency unit at Jorvi Hospital in Espoo and the renovation and extension of the ‘L’ section of the Women’s Hospital in Helsinki. SRV also has other significant hospital projects under way, such as the new Hospital Nova in Jyväskylä and the new building project at TAYS University Hospital in Tampere. The HUSLAB laboratory building at Meilahti was completed significantly ahead of schedule and as an error-free delivery in June 2015. Most recently, a new health and wellness centre, completed at Kalasatama in Helsinki, was handed over to the client in October 2017, and it will be taken into use in February 2018.

“The Siltasairaala Hospital agreement is an excellent addition to an already strong hospital and wellness construction portfolio. The combined value of all of SRV’s current hospital project agreements is still approximately EUR 830 million, even after the completion of the Kalasatama health and wellness centre. The Siltasairaala Hospital is being built by our top professionals, who have strong experience of constructing healthcare premises and other demanding special facilities, such as the New Children’s Hospital, which is being built close by to the Siltasairaala Hospital. SRV’s role in society is in many ways culminated in the hospital projects, and we aim to improve quality of life through sustainable solutions for the built environment,” says SRV’s President & CEO, Juha Pekka Ojala.

“The Siltasairaala Hospital will complement the Meilahti campus as a demanding specialised complex that enables the examination and care of patients in all specialist medical care fields 24/7. Although the Siltasairaala Hospital will have many premises containing very demanding technology, the hospital will be a humane setting for patients, enabling individual needs to be taken into account,” explains HUS Project Director Raija Malmström.

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Juha Pekka Ojala, President & CEO, SRV, tel. +358 40 733 4173,
Päivi Kauhanen, Senior Vice President, Communications, SRV, tel. +358 50 598 9560,

Raija Malmström, Project Director, HUS, tel. +358 50 428 6730,

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