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SRV proceeds with shopping mall plans in Baltic Pearl project

SRV Russia Ltd, part of SRV Group, and Chinese Shanghai Industrial Investment   
(Holdings) Co Ltd have signed a Shareholders' Agreement of a joint stock company
for the implementation of the Baltic Pearl project. In December 2009 SRV and    
Baltic Pearl CJSC signed the Letter of Intent regarding the project.  
The established joint venture will buy from Baltic Pearl CJSC a lease right to  
8.1 hectares for the construction of a shopping mall with gross area 140,000 m2.
SRV will start the project design works immediately. The construction works will
be carried out in two phases. The first phase will be completed by the end of   

The value of the project is approximately 170 million Euros.                    

The shopping mall is part of Baltic Pearl development project, where Baltic     
Pearl CJSC develops an area of over 205 hectares on the coast of the Gulf of    
Finland, southwest of central St. Petersburg. Most of the roads, canals, and    
structural engineering infrastructure are already in place. The entire project  
entails a total of about a million square meters of apartments, two hospitals   
and several schools and nurseries. The project is the biggest foreign investment
project carried out by the Chinese government, excluding oil and natural gas    
investments. Baltic Pearl is expected to be fully developed in 2013.            

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