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SRV plans apartment towers above Karhusaarentie-road in Tapiola

SRV has submitted a planning reservation application for a housing area above Karhusaarentie-road. The area is located in the city of Espoo between the roads Karhusaarentie and Keilaniementie above the future subway station Keilaniemi. The application is on the Espoo City Board’s agenda on 18 December 2007. Karhusaarentie-road is designed to be covered with a deck. In addition to the apartment houses, a wide green area will be set on the deck. The area includes roughly 50,000 square meters of residential building volume. The plan includes four 27-28 storey houses with a total of 370 apartments. The apartments are both rental and owner-occupied flats. – Our objective is to increase the housing supply in Tapiola, as well as to help keep Tapiola centre alive and attractive commercial area, says Timo Nieminen, Senior Vice President of SRV Group Plc. – For the city of Espoo this project enhances the possibilities of the future subway. Moreover, there has not been an area in Espoo that would enable new high class residential construction with sea view. Here is an excellent location, says Olavi Louko, Section Director of the Espoo Environmental and Technical Services. – As a by-product with the apartments we could cover the King-road I and have a direct access from Itäranta district to Keilaranta water-front. This would enliven both areas. The project could bring various services to the water-front. The service supply is widened also with shops in the lower floors of the apartment buildings, says Louko. Putting the traffic under the deck reduces traffic noise in the Itäranta district. The location above the future subway station guarantees excellent public transportation connections both to Tapiola centre and elsewhere in the metropolitan area. Cars would be directed from Keilaniemi to existing streets. Thus the new area would not increase traffic in the existing residential areas in Tapiola. The new area offers environmental friendly living close to good public transportation connections. The views from the apartments are unique. Construction schedule would be connected to the construction of the subway station. The schedule depends also on the tunnel solution and permits from the highway authorities. The construction work could commence in 2010 and be completed together with the subway station in 2012. Further information: Timo Nieminen, Senior Vice President, SRV Group Plc, tel. +358 201 45 5244 Olavi Louko, Section Director of the Espoo Environmental and Technical Services, tel. +358 500 607754

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