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SRV participates in planning a new life for Jätkäsaari´s Bunkkeri

SRV participates in planning a new life for Jätkäsaari’s Bunkkeri    

In collaboration with the City of Helsinki, SRV is planning to develop a new life for the Bunkkeri, a building situated in the Jätkäsaari district of Helsinki. The goal is to create a new 13-storey landmark, combining diverse sports facilities, a swimming hall and more than 300 apartments in a unique location and landscape.  

In December, SRV submitted a proposal to the City of Helsinki on the development, design and reconstruction of the Bunkkeri, which is currently being used as a warehouse. The offer was a continuation of the competition held by the City of Helsinki in spring 2015, in which the city sought a buyer for the Bunkkeri to implement in the building sports facilities and a swimming hall to serve the area’s students, residents and sports clubs. The city, in turn, will undertake to lease the sports facilities from the developer for over 20 years.

“The idea of a new life for the Bunkkeri has been around for a long time and it’s great that SRV can be involved in developing a project that’s so fine in terms of its location and, above all, its diversity. The Bunkkeri will consist of a versatile, multi-cultural, original and high-quality hybrid quarter, and the sports services it provides will take all ages and groups of people into account, neither forgetting the unique apartments,” explains Timo Nieminen, SRV’s Executive Vice President, Project Development in Finland.  

The required sports facilities will occupy nearly half of the Bunkkeri’s building rights, total of appr. 34,000 square metres in floor area. The facilities will comprise various ball-game areas, a fitness centre and a 300 metre-long running track surrounding the sports courts. The current Bunkkeri building’s three uppermost floors will be demolished, and above the sports facilities will be built ten new residential floors, offering stunning urban and sea views from their glazed balconies. The implementation of the project will require a change to the city plan. The project’s architecture will combine the old concrete warehouse building with its impressive and highly recognisable urban presence with new modern residential design.   

The Bunkkeri is located within walking distance of Helsinki city centre and reachable by excellent transport links. SRV is also planning in Jätkäsaari another project that is significant for the area as a whole. In collaboration with Stora Enso, SRV will build Wood City, Finland’s most extensive wooden quarter, which will combine magnificent architecture, offices, housing and wood construction.  

The implementation of the Bunkkeri project will advance next to the official tendering stage. After the submission of the offer, SRV’s proposal will become public, and the project and tender will be discussed in the City of Helsinki’s Sports Committee and Real Estate Committee at the beginning of 2016. A change to the city plan relating to the Bunkkeri plot is pending. A new city plan proposal will come before the City Planning Committee in early 2016. At the same time, the city is preparing to sell the property and to remain as a tenant of the sports facilities to be built in the Bunkkeri. Construction work on the project will start in summer 2017. The swimming hall and sports facilities to be built for the city will be handed over to in May 2019, and the first residential units to be built at the site will also be completed at the same time.    

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Päivi Kauhanen, Senior Vice President, Communications, tel. +358 50 598 9560,  

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