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SRV launches construction of Pressi multifunctional business premises in Vantaankoski

SRV launches construction of Pressi multifunctional business premises in Vantaankoski

SRV is launching the construction of a new kind of multifunctional business premises, Pressi, in Vantaankoski. Pressi will be built at an excellent logistics location on the Ring Rail Line, Ring Road III and the Hämeenlinnanväylä highway, close to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Pressi will bring much-needed modern, reconfigurable and energy-efficient business premises and, at the same time, will develop the whole of Vantaankoski as a business centre of the future. The first of Pressi’s three buildings will be completed by the end of 2018.

The office buildings are five storeys high and they are connected by a 5 metre high ground floor. The high ground floor offers companies the opportunity to centralise offices, special premises and other support functions under the same roof. Business activities with special needs might be, for example, light assembly work, maintenance, storage, machine room activity, laboratory or showroom operations.

“Companies can build entirely their own kind of solution piece by piece. The premises will be planned from the beginning in accordance with the customer’s needs. The 1,000 square metre intermediate floors can be opened to create multi-storey business units, while each can also be divided into separate premises as small as 200 square metres,” explains SRV Account Director Jenita Kokkoniemi

Modularity, energy-efficiency and environmental criteria have been prioritised in the design, and the goal is to achieve at least a LEED Gold environmental certificate.

“Use of ground heat and solar electricity, efficient water and energy usage, building systems innovations and interior air conditions as well as selection and recycling of materials are means by which we aim to reduce the environmental impact of construction and buildings use, and to minimise maintenance costs,” continues Kokkoniemi.

The construction site for C Building, the first to be built, will be launched in February 2018. The building will be completed by the turn of the year, and the first tenants will move in at the beginning of 2019. Leasing of the premises is currently under way. The occupancy rate is presently around 50% and a number of negotiations are in progress on the remainder of the premises.

“Moving to Pressi is one tool in supporting our common culture. In planning the premises, we didn’t just follow the floor plan; we considered what premises and functions would support our work. The goal is for the premises not to separate our units, but for the software side, sales and customer service, for example, to be integrated with each other,” says Janne Pyrrö, Managing Director of Finn-ID, which will move into Pressi next January.

Vantaankoski developing on the Ring Rail Line

Vantaankoski is located on the Ring Rail Line at the intersection of Ring Road III and Hämeenlinnanväylä highway. Together with regional partners and the City of Vantaa, SRV is actively investing in developing the Vantaankoski business area. Among the companies already operating in the area are Vantaa Energy, Pöyry, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Murata Electronics, Gemalto, and HUS Logistics, whose premises SRV built in 2015.

“There are currently around 3,600 jobs in the Vantaankoski area, and there is potential to even double this figure. The aim is to create in Vantaankoski a compact, urban structure with the necessary services and transport links. SRV has actively contributed to accelerating the development of the Vantaankoski area. I believe that the Vantaankoski of the future will also be built with a strong partnership model, together with the area’s landowners, property developers and the city,” says Jose Valanta, Director of Economic Development, City of Vantaa.


For further information, please contact:
Jouko Pöyhönen, Director, Project Development, SRV Group Plc, tel. +358 201 455247,
Jose Valanta, Director, Economic Development, City of Vantaa, tel. +358 9 8392 1108, +358 50 523 1116,
Heidi Tetteh, Communications Specialist, SRV, tel. +358 40 662 3220,

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