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SRV Group Plc to convey its own shares as part of a long-term incentive scheme


SRV Group Plc has today decided to convey, without consideration, a total of 7,598 own shares held by the company to an executive belonging to the company’s share-based remuneration scheme, in accordance with the terms of a share bonus scheme.

The conveyance of shares via a directed share issue is based on an authorisation granted by the Annual General Meeting of SRV Group Plc on 22 March 2016. The share-based remuneration scheme is described in more detail in a stock exchange release published on 18 December 2015.

The shares will be conveyed no later than 15 August 2016. A two-year lock-up period is associated with part of the shares.

Before the conveyance of the shares, SRV Group Plc held 1,162,841 of its own shares. After the shares are conveyed, SRV Group Plc will hold 1,155,243 of its own shares. After the shares are conveyed, the number of votes conferred by the SRV Group Plc´s shares will be 59,344,332. SRV Group Plc has a total of 60,499,575 shares.

Further information on remuneration schemes is available on the company’s website at

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