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SRV Group Plc starts acquisition of company’s own shares

SRV Group Plc starts acquisition of company's own shares 
The Board of Directors of SRV Group Plc has decided to use the authorization    
given by of the Annual General Meeting of SRV Group Plc's shareholders on 14    
April 2008 to acquire the company's own shares with the company's unrestricted  
equity. A maximum of 3,676,846 own shares, or a lower amount that, in addition  
to the shares already owned by the company and its subsidiaries, is less than 10
per cent of all shares, may be acquired on the basis of the authorization. The  
authorization includes the right to acquire own shares otherwise than in        
proportion to the holdings of the shareholders. At the moment, SRV Group has in 
its possession 71,853 shares. 
Own shares will be acquired otherwise than in proportion to the holdings of the 
shareholders with the company's own unrestricted equity for the current price,  
quoted at OMX Nordic Helsinki Stock Exchange at the moment of acquisition of    
The company's own shares can be acquired in order to be used as part of the     
company's incentive programs, as payment in corporate acquisitions or when the  
company acquires assets relating to its business as well as to be otherwise     
conveyed, held or cancelled.       
Share acquisition will start earliest on June 9, 2008.  The authorization is in 
force for 18 months from the decision of the Annual General Meeting.  

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